May 23, 2012

C89.5 wins the Washington State High school Radio Awards!

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Written by: DanYellHaze

Nathan Hale High School’s C89.5 radio station won a first place General Excellence award on May 17 at the Washington 5th Annual State High School Radio Awards held at Peninsula High School in Gig Harbor. The radio station won the excellence award from among six school district radio broadcast programs across the state. The following students also received awards for their outstanding performance: Public Service Campaign • First place - Gabriel Zus • Second place - Sierra Cruz Public Affairs Program • First place - Daven Rain • Second place - Brutus Slade Individual Newscast • First place - Danielle Hayes • Second place - Gabriel Zus News Feature Story • First place - Ava Tegan • Third place - Pippa stiles Team Newscast • First place - Brutus Slade, Gabriel Zus, Pippa Stiles, Danielle Hayes, Sierra Cruz Sports Feature • First place - Nikko Dean, Troy Everlees • Second place - Zach Cooper Underwriting Credit • First place - Brandon Daniels • Second place - Gabriel Zus Station Imaging • First place - Danielle Hayes • Third place - Gabriel Zus Aircheck • First place - Fred Zurensik Station Promotion • First place - Danielle Hayes, Gabriel Zus, Nikko Dean Commentary • Third place - Gabriel Zus, Danielle Hayes C89.5 radio station is owned by Seattle Public Schools and is operated by students of Nathan Hale as part of a radio broadcasting course. Production, programming, music selection, copy, and on-air hosting is done by the student staff. Some regular programs are hosted by alumni and other volunteers. Over the 40 years, the radio station has grown steadily and today has more than 200,000 weekly listeners, mostly teens to 34. The station has won numerous awards and recognitions not only for being a premier high-school facility, but also for being an influential radio station on the cutting-edge of dance music. They were recently listed in Billboard’s Top 40 of Top 40.

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