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Brandon Lentz – Spectrum

This is Brandon Lentz, performing one of the tracks from his debut EP, recorded live at the C89.5 Performance Studio.
by Richard J. Dalton


Skye Holland – Dive

This is Skye Holland's new solo single, recorded live in the C89.5 Performance Studio. The two other folks in the video are label mates Steve Kroeger and Santa Clara.
by Richard J. Dalton



Fluencie – Lazy

A C89.5 LiveExclusives performance
by Richard J. Dalton


James Hersey – Coming Over

Check out the Studio Cam during James Hersey's "Coming Over", from C89.5 Live Exclusives!
by Richard J. Dalton



C89.5 is the official Radio Media Sponsor for the Seattle Asian American Film Festival!

55 films featured by and about Asian Americans, shown on Capitol Hill.
by Richard J. Dalton