A Day Sponsorship is a unique way to show your support for C89.5.

  • With your donation of $1000, you can have an entire broadcast day to celebrate the people and occasions that mean the most to you.
  • Craft an on-air message that will be heard five times on your sponsored day.
  • Day Sponsorships may be used by individual donors to C89.5.
  • You pick the day—use it for something personal, or donate it to your favorite non-profit!
  • It also helps continue the programming you enjoy.
  • You will provide a statement that identifies the sponsor (person or organization) and explains the reason for the message (birthday, anniversary, special event, etc.).

The specifics...

  • All Day Sponsorships begin with “Today’s Day Sponsor is…”. This is followed by the name of the sponsor, after which you have a maximum of 50 words for your message.
  • Message must meet C89.5, FCC and Seattle School District guidelines
  • We’ll be reading the message for you, so Day Sponsorships need to be written in the 3rd person. This is to avoid sounding as if our announcers are delivering the message.
  • C89.5 reserves the right to make any necessary changes in order for the message to comply with format, policy and law.
  • No promotion of ideological, theological or political positions is allowed.


  • Today's Day Sponsor is Justin McSmithington, shouting out to his crew in Pioneer Square and Capitol Hill!
  • Today’s Day Sponsor is Justin McSmithington, wishing his sister Betsy a very happy birthday!
  • Today’s Day Sponsor is Justin McSmithington. Justin would like to take this opportunity to ask Taylor to marry him!
  • Today’s Day Sponsor is Justin McSmithington, reminding his bros to party with a designated driver.

Make your donation by clicking here!

Include your message under the “Special Instructions” field. If you mess up or are not sure how to word it, just let us know! Call us during business hour at 206-252-3800. We`d love to help you craft your message!