Welcome to Live Safe, Play Safe!

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Live Safe Play Safe is a new campaign from your friends at C89.5! As a Dance Music Station based at a high school we feel a strong responsibility to help our listeners have fun- by playing the music you love, and also, to help you stay safe!

When we listen to these young voices based in Idaho with a great non profit called Our Gender Revolution, we feel optimistic about the future! Check it out!

In the coming days, weeks and months we will provide you with resources to deal with the challenges that face our society today. Whether it's rave safety, rape prevention, distracted driving or safe sex, we want to provide information that is valuable and non-judgmental. We'll also point you towards places to get more of it. We'll hook you up with people that care and who work tirelessly to make our region a better place to live.

So, have fun, be safe and share these resources with your friends.