Spring 2019 Thank-you Gifts

Thank you so much for supporting C89.5!

We’d be delighted to send you any of these gifts in gratitude for your donation:

$5 per month or $60 one-time donation

C895 DOG TAG – Black metal, military-style dog tag with pink C89.5 logo

C89.5 LANYARD – a wide-weave black lanyard with a pink C895 logo. Perfect for a badge or ID.

PET MEMBERSHIP – Your beloved companion will be acknowledged as an official C89.5 Member with:

  • Engraved Metal Pet Tag
  • A photo on our “Wall of Fame” and on social media
  • A shout-out on air!

$89.50 one-time donation

C89.5 POP SOCKET – Collapsible hand grip that sticks to the back of your phone. Perfect for taking selfies. Doubles as a stand for watching videos.

$10 per month or $120 one-time donation

LATE NIGHT MUSIC USB – A USB thumb drive featuring 14 dance tracks by indie Bass Artists on Seattle music label, Simplify Recordings.

ON THE EDGE CD – Industrial dance-music CD by Front Line Assembly, the electro-industrial band formed by Bill Leeb from Skinny Puppy

$15 per month or $180 one-time donation

COLLECTIBLE C895 LEGO Action Figure – Each LEGO is printed with a C895 logo on its “T-shirt” and each one is unique.

$20 per month or $289 one-time donation

SAVE THE WAVE Non-Stop Web Stream – 24/7 web stream of New Wave mixes by Save the Wave DJ Trent Von.

$30 per month or $365 one-time donation

CLUB 89.5 + new C89.5 HOODIE – Club 89.5 members are entered in contests every month to win tickets to concerts, festivals (like Bumbershoot) and events (like Comic Con.) You’ll also receive a deluxe tri-blend Hoodie with an embroidered C89.5 logo.

$50 per month or $500 one-time donation

EMERGENCY RADIO AND PHONE CHARGER – A portable radio that can be recharged with a hand-crank or solar panel or connected to a USB charger. Also runs on AAA batteries. The radio receives AM/FM, Shortwave, or NOAA (“no-ah”) weather radio channels. It will also charge mobile phones (works on iPhone and Android.)

$80 per month or $1000 one-time donation

A VIP pass to all official C89.5 events for free (like Laser Pride or our Listener Appreciation party or Summer Sunset Cruise). Also includes access to in-station experiences, like touring the studios, meeting a DJ or watching a Live Exclusive performance by a guest artist.

Bruce Wirth

I'm the membership director at C89.5 where I get to talk with listeners who love us so much they want to support what we do! Not a bad job ;)
Questions about your membership? Use the "Contact" menu to connect with me.

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