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C89.5 LEGO Dancer or Music USB or CD

$10  a month

$120 one-time


C89.5 Rainbow Pride Socks
C89.5 PRIDE Socks or Black & White Scarf

$15  a month

$180 one-time

Save the Wave 24/7 Web Stream + 2nd gift

$20 a month

$240 one-time

Kaito Voyager 2 Compact Emergency Radio
Emergency Radio & Phone Charger + 2nd gift

$30  a month

$365 one-time

LEGO People, Save the Wave, Emergency Radio, and Socks
Choice of THREE gifts

$50  a month

$600 one-time

Behind the Scenes VIP Pass
TWO VIP passes + 3 gifts

$80  a month


4 pair VIP Passes or any gifts
EIGHT VIP passes + 3 gifts

$150 a month


No gift. I just want to support C89.5!



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