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The power of dance music to make you feel good has stayed the same, no matter how much other things have changed.

C89.5 is here for you, whenever you need a break from your news feed or just some positive energy.

Now, we’re hoping you’ll be there for us by donating to C89.5 today

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As with many nonprofits, the pandemic has had a serious impact on C89.5’s funding. 80% of our operating revenue comes from our community; a mix of donations from individuals and local businesses. Unfortunately, the majority of our business supporters have suspended their contributions due to the economic fallout from the pandemic.
So, we’re doing a short Summer fund drive to narrow the funding gap before the end of our fiscal year.

Your support is needed now, more than ever, so please donate to C89.5 today

If C89.5 helps you power through your day; if you tune in to your favorite DJs at night or energize your weekend with us; if C89.5 makes you feel good…you’ll feel even better when you donate.

Black face mask with ear loops featuring a rainbow 'C89.5' logo


As a thank-you gift for your donation during our summer fund, our new mask, with C89.5 rainbow logo; 3-ply cotton/polyester/spandex with adjustable ear bands and pocket for optional filter.

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