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Thank you for your patience!

We have been experiencing some difficulty with our online stream, and we’d like to keep you up to date. Here’s the latest:

UPDATE 09 July 11:00 PM: Everything has been switched back to normal, including our back up streams. This will be the last update (hopefully!).

UPDATE 06 July 12:38 PM: Our internet stream will go down for about 5-10 minutes around 1PM today as the IT team makes an adjustment. This is related to the power outage that took us down earlier.

UPDATE 06 July 12:22 PM: Our network has been restored, thanks to the hard working folks at SPS. This issue was an extended power outage at a separate location and does not appear to be related to the issue earlier this week.

UPDATE 06 July 6:45 AM: The school district is experiencing a district-wide network outage which is affecting our web stream. At this time, we do not have an estimate on when this problem will be resolved. We will keep you up to date on progress in resolving this problem.

UPDATE 03 July 7:17 PM: The school district has made an adjustment that may improve and temporarily remedy the situation.

UPDATE 03 July 2:12 PM: We don’t expect this issue to be resolved before Thursday (Wednesday is a holiday). You can still listen to us with an antenna.

UPDATE 03 July 12:39 PM: We sent off the first batch of test results to our streaming provider. We hope hear back shortly.

UPDATE 03 July 11:39 AM: The tests are about half way done. Our stream has held up for about 30 minutes. We’ve temporarily disabled our backup streams so there is more bandwidth dedicated to just our main stream. Bored and wanna hook up OTA? Check out our blog post.

UPDATE 03 July 10:39 AM: We running some tests to help find the problem. However these tests may take a few hours. If you live in or around Seattle, try out our FM or HD signal at 89.5 MHz.

UPDATE 03 July 10:06 AM: We’re unable to maintain a constant connection to our streaming company’s datacenter in Chicago. We’re working on another solution.

UPDATE 03 July 9:40 AM: We have what we believe is a temporary fix in place.

We’re experiencing some difficulty with our online stream this morning. We’re working on it and hoping it have it remedied shortly!

We’re also available on FM in Seattle / Tacoma / Everett / Enumclaw on 89.5 FM. Our OTA FM and HD signals are not experiencing any problems right now.

Richard from Cafe Chill

I work behind-the-scenes on Café Chill. I like to make friends with crows.


    • After I left on Tuesday, I saw the note from the network person. Not sure what they did, but happy if it’s working!

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