Employee Giving Programs

Many employers support C89.5 through workplace giving: a way for you to donate to your favorite nonprofit dance music station through payroll deduction. Donating to C89.5 through your employer has significant advantages: 1. C89.5 receives more of your donation because administrative fees tend to be lower than credit card fees. 2. Many companies match their employee’s donations.

C89.5 champions music that is a source of joy, energy, and inspiration, bridging divides and bringing people together in celebration of life and love in all its diversity.

To bring you this incredible mix of dance music, we rely on support from our listeners.

80% of the funding for C89.5 comes from our community: a mix of individual donations and support from local businesses.

Since the pandemic, support from local businesses has dropped precipitously and, now, donations from individuals, including work-place programs, make up the majority of our funding.

Donations from listeners are needed more than ever to sustain our inspiring dance music programming and career-connected learning opportunities for our students.

Bruce Wirth

I'm the membership director at C89.5 where I get to talk with listeners who love dance music so much they want to support what we do! Not a bad job ;)
Questions about your membership? Use "Contact" in the menu to connect with me.

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