C895 & Seattle Children’s Presents: Bullying

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Bullying is upsetting and potentially harmful for all involved, and can cause serious, long-lasting problems for those who are bullied and those who do the bullying. While October is National Bullying Prevention Month, each of us can be powerful anti-bullying role models all year. When families, schools and communities work together, we can create a culture where bullying is no longer an option. Listen and learn as Dr. William P. French from Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic shares insights on how to dismantle the toxic culture of bullying in all its forms across various communities.

Seattle Children’s Resources

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An infographic featuring the words "1 in 5 high school students reported being bullied at school in the last year. More than 1 in 6 high school students reported being cyberbullied in the last year."

An image of the Earth with the words "Create a world without bullying. Speak up with kindness, reach out with acceptance, be a friend through inclusion. PAGERS National Bullying Prevention Center / PACER.org/Bullying"

An infographic titled "Top 5 Ways Tweens Have Stopped Cyberbullying"

Visit Coping 101 for resources and links on other mental health topics.

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