C895 & Seattle Children’s Present: Coping 101 – Addiction, Substance Use & Recovery

Nathan Hale High School student Amelie Couret leads a peer-to-peer conversation with Bade, a recent graduate from Bridges – Seattle’s only Alternative Peer Group program. Bade shares their story of addiction & substance abuse throughout their teens and what it’s taken to achieve – and maintain – successful recovery.

The Pandemic has tested people in countless ways. Some teens and young adults have turned to unhealthy coping strategies like drinking alcohol and using drugs – joining the millions of Americans who struggle with a Substance Use Disorder of one kind or another. With proper support and treatment people can – and do – recover. Asking for help can sometimes seem impossible, but it’s an absolutely critical step in the journey to recovery. Always remember, you’re not alone.

Learn how to spot the signs of a developing Substance Use Disorder and get resources for finding help in the list below.

Prevention Resources for Parents:

Visit Coping 101 for resources and links on other mental health topics.

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