C895 & Seattle Children’s Presents: Positive Family Connections

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Much like a firefighter who charges toward danger instead of away from it, Ryan Disch-Guzman regularly runs into fires of trauma for a living. His years in social work led him to Mary’s Place where today he helps find families permanent housing. In this episode Ryan shares insights about breaking intergenerational trauma, the healing power of housing stability, and stories of the work being done on the front-lines to end homelessness.

Families are complicated, whatever they may look like. Marriage and Family Therapist, Dr. Anthony Pennant is on a mission to help families heal and understand one another. In addition to specializing in Structural Family Therapy with an emphasis on LGBTQ+ youth and their families, Anthony practices Socially Just Therapy – a way to understand and normalize the spectrum of social identities and how they impact a person’s life. Pennant is also a Faculty member at Antioch University and Director of the online therapy group, A Place for Us. In this episode our students uncover all sorts of practical tips for improving family dynamics especially when intersecting stigmas are a factor.

“A good family is like potting soil, letting a group of people flourish together.” Dr. Larry Wissow, Director of Child and Adolescent Psychology at Seattle Children’s, joins C89.5’s student host as we take a closer look at Positive Family Connections in this episode of Coping 101. Listen and learn as they explore the evolving definition of Family and the gender roles within, intergenerational trauma across different communities, how addiction can impact individuals and their families, and the vital importance of easy, frequent conversation.

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