An image of the band SOFI TUKKER beside the words "Music's In Our Blood, Thursday January 5th" along with the logo for Bloodworks NW and C895.


Blood supply levels are at an all time low, with many more youth donors critically needed, so we invite you to book an appointment today to give blood and help save lives in our community.

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Blood supplies are hitting critical lows in our region, so we’re stepping up with Bloodworks NW to ask every one of our eligible listeners over the age of 16 to join us in reaching the goal of 20,000 new or re-engaged blood donors by the end of the year. Schedule your donation today!

At C89.5, Dance Music’s in Our Blood, and as we pump out the beats we’re asking the Puget Sound to amplify life by sharing what beats within you. Community health and wellness are among our core priorities and we’re proud to join this campaign in rallying the region to reach this very attainable goal of 20,000 donors.
16-20 year-olds: Your Donation is Your Ticket

16-20 year-olds: Your Donation is Your Ticket to attend the Music’s In Our Blood Private Donor Concert with Sofi Tukker!

  • Concert entry instructions / details:
    • Private Donor Concert will feature Sofi Tukker on January 5th, 2023.
    • Private Donor Concert, with Sofi Tukker is exclusively for the first 400 donors under 21 using the code C895
    • Are you on the list? SCHEDULE YOUR DONATION at any area Bloodworks NW donor center and USE THE CODE C895 when you donate to receive a ticket in email and reserve a seat for this rare private concert experience.


HERE’S TO THE MUSIC we hear and feel, on the air, on a stage. And to the power of music that heals and gets our blood pumping. Let’s use that power for good: by giving life-saving blood for others, and just like that soul-saving song, let’s turn it up loud and share again and again—FOR LIFE!

Bloodworks Northwest is partnering with C89.5, KEXP, Sub Pop Records, Starbucks, Seattle Symphony, Top Pot Donuts, Seattle Theater Group and many more from the local community to generate awareness of the critical need for blood through music’s ability to drive connection. Now through the end of December, Bloodworks Northwest will host the Music’s In Our Blood campaign with the goal of recruiting 20,000 new and re-engaged donors by the end of the year.

The demand for blood has never been greater and the supply is at one of its lowest levels in recent history. In effort to restock the shelves, Bloodworks Northwest is teaming up with its partners to share the voices of musicians, artists and DJs that have stories of impact and how blood donations have positively affected their lives. The five-month blood drive will also encompass music festivals, concerts, community events, social media engagement, and incentives to secure new blood donors including gift cards and music-centric getaways.

Only 38% of the population is eligible to donate blood, due to health, age and other key factors. Due to this small pool of eligible donors, Bloodwork Northwest and the musicians participating in the Music’s in Our Blood campaign are urging those who can, to donate blood regularly. In Washington and Oregon, 1,000 donors per day are needed to keep the blood supply at a safe and reliable level. It does not take much for the supply to drop—one snowstorm, one tragedy, one heatwave can send it back to an unsafe level.

For more information on eligibility, please visit