Guest Mix Seattle: The Podcast

Every 8pm Sunday c895s Guest Mix Seattle is bringing the best DJs in the city directly to you for a uniquely Seattle experience every week. Catch the last two mixes on demand here!

Following in the spirit of Guest Mix Wednesday with 60 minutes of open format and open decks, this new locals-only mix show will feature the best DJs in Seattle, spinning every Sunday night at 8pm. Both the mix and this podcast feature the very best electronic DJs and producers that Seattle has to offer, giving them the freedom of open format and open decks for sixty minutes once a week.

And to get you ready for the show, each Monday we will be posting an indepth interview with each featured DJ, and release it as a podcast here on this page and wherever you listen to podcasts! 

Check out the most recent episode here:

Past Episodes…

Episode 001 – Harmony Soleil sits down to chat with local trance, progressive, and melodic bass DJ/producer Madlon.

Episode 002 – c895 Music Director Harmony Soleil and Program Director, Ron Chatman, sit down with Seattle House Mafia (DJ Sang-Do, Phil Anthony and Paul Velocity), a Seattle-based DJ Trio Playing Deep House, Tech House and Progressive House Music.

Episode 003 – C895 Music Director Harmony Soleil and recent grad Ovni, sit down with ZOF, a Seattle-based DJ, producer and…classical pianist turned professional beatmaker. ZOF is one of the premiere emerging talents in dance music with skill sets spanning DJing, producing, singing, and songwriting. Her extensive background in music shines through in her productions and eclectic DJ sets that often seamlessly traverse through genres. In this episode of Guest Mix Seattle: The Podcast, ZOF discusses their upcoming album, their  EDC experience (and transformation into DJ Paper Towels!), how the music they grew up with is still impacting her music today and way more.

Episode 004 – C895 Program Director Ron Chatman, sits down with Alex Wagner aka A SINGLE WAVE or ASW, a Seattle-based artist, known for his moody soundscapes, combining alternative rock, psychedelia, progressive house, and more. ASW combines multiple genres, all under one hood to tell stories he’s wanted to tell his whole life. In this episode of Guest Mix Seattle: The Podcast, ASW discusses how the urge to tell stories through music combined with a love for “Zelda” has shaped his path into composing music, his boundry pushing DJ sets, his creation of Grooving For Good and more!

Episode 005 – C895 Music Director and Assistant Program Director Harmony Soleil, sits down with Lucy le Freak, a formidable force for the future of rave music, constantly embracing both the frequent changes of life, and a powerful authenticity rarely found in the music industry. Inspired by the Big Beat era, this trans femme producer from Seattle wants to ignite a nostalgic return to the 90’s breakbeats that once captivated the world. She refuses to accept a single mold for her mixing style and incorporates modern sounds and influences from a variety of genres. Lucy le Freak discusses the impact that the pandemic had on her life and career (the negatives and the positives!), musical influences from the “golden age” of EDM and the Big Beat era of the 90s, her album (out on 7/28), and way more!

Episode 006 – C895 Music Director and Assistant Program Director Harmony Soleil, sits down with Orion! The Founder of Orion Entertainment, Orion aka David Schwartz, started the company when he was a freshman at the University of Washington. Orion got his start DJing house parties in the Greek System, and eventually transitioned into playing clubs, bars, and private events. 10 years later, David, (Orion) has performed at hundreds of events all across the Pacific Northwest and beyond. He has received national recognition from Honey Books and the Rising Tide Society, and in 2019 was named as one of 20 on the Rise in the Event Professionals Category. He is a resident DJ with The DJ Sessions a Twitch Featured, a Partner DJ-Streaming series and a resident club DJ. He is also a DJ lessons instructor at Guitar Center in Roosevelt and cherishes the change that a career in music can create in peoples lives and the confidence it can instill in them. He has helped many improve their craft and launch their careers. In this episode of Guest Mix Seattle: The Podcast, Orion, discusses how he turned his passion for music and DJing into a PNW empire, the impact that nightlife has had on finding himself (and the approval to “be weird”) and way more!

Episode 007 – C895 Music Director and Assistant Program Director Harmony Soleil, sits down with ⁠Frida K⁠! Seattle based house music DJ and producer Frida K is turning heads through her energetic live sets and incredible releases. Some of Frida K’s noteworthy past performances include Beyond Wonderland at the Gorge, Night Trip LA, Dirtybird Couchout, and Paradiso. She has also played direct support for house music legends such as Jauz, Claude Von Stroke, and Chris Lake. Frida K is known for her groovy yet brilliant house tunes such as “Too Many” and “Motozaki.” Frida K is a talented, rising star in the house music scene and one that should be kept on all radars!

Episode 008 – C895 Music Director and Assistant Program Director Harmony Soleil, sits down with ⁠⁠Novel Natura! Novel Natura is a Seattle based multi-genre producer, DJ and vocalist. They create original compositions with a combination of organic instrumental sounds, electronic textures, and their own vocals. after several years of writing lyrics and working with producers, Novel took it upon themselves to curate the lush sound they were after. On this episode Harmony and Novel Natura chat about their upcoming projects, how they find and also create the sense of the “organic” in electronic music, how to know if your DJ is landing and more

Episode 009 – C895 Music Director and Assistant Program Director Harmony Soleil, sits down with ⁠⁠Tony H! Tony H is Seatte’s newly appointed Party Citizen, an ambassador for citizenM hotels, and it’s no competition really. Once the accolades stack up this high, there are no more questions or confusion on the subject. Tony H is the real deal and getting recognized for it around the Nation.

Label Manager for Space Yacht, (you know, the one in L.A.), Label Head for TWO more of his own projects (Late Night Munchies and Munchies After Dark), the man is on a mission it would seem, or perhaps an invasion…kind takeover? Kevin Knapp is on record saying Tony was an “artist to watch” in 2021 and that held true in 2022 when he was put on “10 Rising Black Artists You Should Know” in Gray Area Magazine. Aside from founding his own labels, Tony has releases on; Desert Hearts, Dirtybird, Space Yacht, Wyldcard Records, Music Is 4 Lovers, Flashmob Records and so many more. He has made a name for himself as one of the most thrilling up-and-coming artists in the house music scene. On this episode Harmony and Tony H chat about how his roots in Panama and Alaska shaped his career in as a DJ and label boss, the recent anniversary of Late Night Munchies, his plans for a groundbreaking non-profit and more!

Episode 010 – C895 Music Director and Assistant Program Director Harmony Soleil, sits down with ⁠⁠⁠Kidder! Kidder is a Seattle based DJ and producer of Tech House, Deep House, Progressive House, Trance and Liquid DnB! On this episode Harmony and Kidder talk about their shared North Seattle roots, the art of being an opening DJ, upcoming new music and way more!

Episode 011 – C895 Music Director and Assistant Program Director Harmony Soleil, sits down with Lola K! Lola K is a Seattle based DJ and producer of tech & bass house! On this episode Harmony and Lola K chat about the transformation from cellist to DJ and producer, plus her transition to living in the Pacific Northwest, new music that is in the works, the power of the Shrek Rave and more!

Episode 012 – On this episode, C895 Music Director and Assistant Program Director Harmony Soleil, sits down with ⁠⁠⁠⁠Snapdragon! Snapdragon is featured on lineups with some of today’s biggest names in dance music representing the Northwest house and breaks scene. Keep an eye out for her signature stage presence, affinity for melodies, and floor-gazing vibes.

Snapdragon first bloomed in the underground scene of Phoenix, AZ in 2007. The beginning was marked by underground warehouse parties and many desert raves. She then sprouted with presence in premiere Scottsdale nightclubs (at first using her best friends ID because she was underage). Migrating North with notable stops in Las Vegas (her original hometown), she’s planted roots in Seattle and has fully blossomed into a genre-bending artist. On this episode Harmony and Snapdragon chat about the importannce of going outside of your DJ comfort zone, the lessons learned when DJing on vinyl (in the desert!), the skills that come from genre bending sets, upcoming music and way more!

Episode 013 – C895 Music Director and Assistant Program Director Harmony Soleil, sits down with LUMI! DJ-producer, LUMI, originally from Helsinki, Finland, has an eclectic taste for house and techno with elements of groove. Her DJ sets range from dark and pulsing to uplifting and rhythmic. With a background in choir and piano her music features her own vocals in addition to her studio productions. LUMI has recently shared the stage with some of the most influential names in the scene including Pan-Pot, Justin Martin, Teenage Mutants, and Will Clarke. On this episode Harmony and LUMI chat abut the importance of finding your own voice, the comparison between US audiences and those abroad, up coming projects and way more!

Episode 014 – C895 Music Director and Assistant Program Director Harmony Soleil, sits down with Longstocking!

Denni Longstocking Kindred is part of growing West Coast current back to the BIPOC/ Queer/ Gender Queer roots of US dance music.

Unhappy with seeing how far how dance music had veered from its cultural roots, Longstocking decided to be part of the effort to change that. While it’s been a challenge rising as a Transfemme/ Non-Binary artist, her releases speak for themselves and she gravitates toward allied labels. Every release from them has garnered a top five position in the Beatport Top 100 Chart Releases, including three #1s. After culling wins for other label trophy cases, she decided to make a platform for herself and other likeminded dance producers by launching Feral One Records. Continuing this chart success tradition, Feral One Records is now regular at the top of the Beatport Charts along with Longstocking.

On this episode Harmony and Longstocking chat about the importance of dance…in dance music, unlocking core memories, as well as the beauty and struggles within the Seattle scene.

Episode 015 – C895 Music Director and Assistant Program Director Harmony Soleil, sits down with GRAYMATTER!

GRAYMATTER aka Grayson Lindberg is a music producer and DJ located in Seattle, WA, with a history of playing gigs from the south of France to Bellingham!

GRAYMATTER’s catalogue is only growing in the electronic music world. His “Yellow Glasses EP”, released in July 2019 on OFDM Records, peaked at #3 on Beatport’s Top 100 Bass House Releases and stayed in the Top 100 for over 3 months. With his collaborative LoFi Hip-Hop projects, he consistently makes it into Spotify’s Editorial playlists, achieving over 60 million plays solely on Spotify, and in 2021 has seen success from his House music releases, garnering over half a million plays. GRAYMATTER has shared stages with Ghastly, Good Times Ahead, Dr. Fresch and more; played for LA’s notorious party company, Space Yacht, and performed at festivals like Freaknight [Seattle], Paradiso [George, WA], Bumbershoot [Seattle] and more.

From funky house music to bangin’ bass house to mellow lofi hip-hop [ocean gray], GRAYMATTER’s music shows his vast ability to create music across genres. As a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music [Master of Music in Music Production], GRAYMATTER is currently taking on production, mixing and mastering clients.

On this episode Harmony and GRAYMATTER chat about the importance of outside influences in producting music and DJ mixes, how club DJing can truly be a trial by (the best kind of) fire, upcoming projects and more!

Episode 016 – C895 Music Director and Assistant Program Director Harmony Soleil, sits down with Wubmama!

Wubmama, Courtney Stillwell, is a 25 year old talented, independent up-and-coming producer and DJ based in Seattle, WA, originally from Portland, OR.

Self taught, she is making a name for herself as a heavy bass artist, but doesn’t stop there- she is talented at making many other genres such as hybrid trap, experimental, melodic bass and more- a ” jack of all trades” of EDM. She also produces hip-hop style beats for rappers and more. Her longtime love and passion for music, music events and festivals has made her at home in the music scene, and is where she got the inspiration for her one-of-a-kind name. “Ive been going to events and festivals for years, and Wubmama was my ‘rave name’ and I wanted to keep my roots in my music career.” In her sets, she includes not only heavy bass and hybrid trap, but also uniquely incorporates influences of hip hop and rap, making her sets the perfect blend of breaking your neck and vibing out. Her fan-base and branding are known as #WUBBYGANG

On this episode Harmony and Wubmama chat about her first tour, changing representation in the music industry, how to DJ without headphones (!!) and way more!

Episode 017 – C895 Music Director and Assistant Program Director Harmony Soleil, sits down with ⁠⁠Miss Min.d⁠!

Originally from the deserts of Wyoming, Miss Min.D has found her home in the Seattle music scene in 2004. Co-founding of production companies such as Skunky Beats, DJ4NORML and most recently Fraktured, in the greater Seattle area, Miss Min.D has over 19 years of throwing shows and jamming beats! She has ranged from UK Hard House, Electro House, Disco swing house, Booty Breaks and most recently Liquid Drum and Bass.

Playing with many names such as DJ Dan, Krafty Kuts, Left/Right and Donald Glaude she has held several residencies at local hot spots around Seattle such as Last Supper Club, Club Contour and Noc Noc.

Her current residencies are with Fraktured at The High Dive and Back of the House at Still Liquor. Her style and energy behind the decks is a force to be reckoned with and will never disappoint! With great track selection and energy through the roof, she hopes to make that booty clap and you drop it down low on the dance floor!

On this episode Harmony and Miss Min.d chat about the importance of venues beyond just night clubs, her journey into the world of music production, why genres might not matter in Seattle and more!

Episode 018 – C895 Music Director and Assistant Program Director Harmony Soleil, sits down with ⁠⁠⁠GriffinGrrl!

A fiery catalyst of creative collaborations in dance music spanning cities, genres, and experiences — Emily’s roots go back to the 90s Los Angeles rave scene. She then came up as DJ Ms.E, radio host of KUSF’s FutureBreaks.FM, and co-founder of club night Eklektic in San Francisco.

Her passion for positive, music-driven media fueled her collaborations in all aspects of the business, from XLR8R Magazine to Xbox Entertainment, vinyl and digital record labels, film & TV sync licensing, and countless performances Stateside and beyond. Known for her magnetic, uplifting sets, GriffinGrrl is now based in Seattle and is a resident of Uniting Souls Music.

On this episode Harmony and Emily chat about the importance of reinvention as an artist, why radio (still!) matters, what makes Seattle special both as an audience and as a place for artists and way more!

Episode 019 – C895 Music Director and Assistant Program Director Harmony Soleil, sits down with ⁠⁠⁠⁠Avignon!

Avignon (Michael Robertson) is a Seattle based DJ and producer and owner of AVIGNON ENTERTAINMENT. AVIGNON is influenced by the likes of DJ SNEAK, Low Steppa, OFFAIAH, and Franky Rizardo.

On this episode Harmony and Avignon chat about the impact of being a true student of the craft of DJing, why timing is key and how the pandemic might…have been a good thing for Seattle nightlife and more!

It’s new, it’s completely local, and it’s a fun way to hear the best DJs in Seattle if you can’t make it out to the club. Guest Mix Seattle, Sunday nights at 8pm!

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