Pet Membership

Your pet can be a C89.5 Member

Donate in honor of your faithful friend...and we'll add them to the Wall of Fame!

Your beloved companion will be acknowledged as an official C89.5 Member with:

  • A heart-shaped metal collar tag with the C89.5 logo
  • A shout-out on air and on social media
  • A picture here on our “Wall of Fame”

Post your pet’s picture to Twitter,  Facebook, or Instagram and we’ll retweet/post

And many other loyal C89.5 Pet Members, including: Finley, the dog, in Charlotte, Lionel, the cat, in Redmond; Tres, the cat, in Stanwood; Charybdis the red-footed tortoise in Ravensdale; the dogs Alice and Minnie in Tacoma; Bean in Lake Stevens; the German Shepard, Bell, in Graham; Beu in Lake Forest Park; Buster the Pug in Lynnwood; Casey the Dog in Issaquah; Cee Cee in Seattle; the faithful pet, Chubbers, in Poulsbo; Daisy the Corgi, in Seattle; the loyal pet, Eddie, in Bellevue; Feather the cat and Buddy the dog; Kelly’s loyal friend, Flash, in Issaquah; Flew-fers the cat; Brian’s faithful companion, Fluffy in Seattle; Frida and Diego the cats in San Francisco; Jeanine the chiwawa; Lillian’s loving companion, Jeebus; Juno the cat in Greenwood; Juno the puggle in Seattle ; the lovable pet, Kiah in Seattle; Jesse’ loyal friend, Kira in Renton; Lindsay’s adorable companion, Koko in Seattle; Patrick’s beloved pet, Kuro Mai in Las Vegas; Leo, in Auburn; Luna Kapuna the Big Babuna; Luna the cat in Seattle Luna the dog in Seattle; Mac the dog in Seattle; Stephen’s beloved pet, Manon; Marcel, Meatball and Trinity the cats in Marysville; Maya the dog in Seattle; Moose the dog; Onyx the horse in Seattle; the pets Optimus, Oakie and Purrcy in Kent; the pets Otter and Willow in Kirkland; Pearly the German Shepard in Bellevue; Penelope the cat; Tina’s lovable Po, in Sun Lake; Poe the sheepadoodle in Seattle; Rosie the cat; Rosie the goat; Rufus in Mountlake Terrace. Good boy!; Maggie’s pet, Sabby; Lindsey’s companion animal, Sherman; Simba in Kirkland; Squeeky the cat; Ted’s adorable pet, Strat; Sybil the cat; Tank the dog; the cat Princess Kith; Fury, Olivia, and Tygree; cats Lady Helena, Sir Oliver, and Lieutenant Lester; the cats Momo and Mr. Pringles; Bandit the dog; the dog Manifred Goucho Pickles; the German shepard, Kodiak; Pepper in Seattle; the pit bull Anderson Cooper; pit bulls Turbo and Dozer; puppy Moxxy in Burien; Thistle and Nettle the cats in Snohomish; Tonka and Roger the dogs; Waffles the dog in Seattle; Mike’s pet, Zander; the beloved pet, Leonardo Di Vinchy, Rocky the Chihuahua.

A picture of a dog and a cat snuggling together
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