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Baroness Precious McWhiskerbottoms Cutie Cat Face

Manifred Gaucho Pickles (aka) Mani
Mystique and Torque

Sir Chubbers of Fluffybottom

Dalton the Dog in the Snow


Killian Jones and Panda

Luna Kapuna the Big Babuna
Griswald of the Grey Forest
Bailey’s Irish Cream
Noble Furry Companion

And many other loyal C89.5 Pet Members, including: Lionel, the cat, in Redmond; Tres, the cat, in Stanwood; Charybdis the red-footed tortoise in Ravensdale; the dogs Alice and Minnie in Tacoma; Bean in Lake Stevens; the German Shepard, Bell, in Graham; Beu in Lake Forest Park; Buster the Pug in Lynnwood; Casey the Dog in Issaquah; Cee Cee in Seattle; the faithful pet, Chubbers, in Poulsbo; Daisy the Corgi, in Seattle; the loyal pet, Eddie, in Bellevue; Feather the cat and Buddy the dog; Kelly’s loyal friend, Flash, in Issaquah; Flew-fers the cat; Brian’s faithful companion, Fluffy in Seattle; Frida and Diego the cats in San Francisco; Jeanine the chiwawa; Lillian’s loving companion, Jeebus; Juno the cat in Greenwood; Juno the puggle in Seattle ; the lovable pet, Kiah in Seattle; Jesse’ loyal friend, Kira in Renton; Lindsay’s adorable companion, Koko in Seattle; Patrick’s beloved pet, Kuro Mai in Las Vegas; Leo, in Auburn; Luna Kapuna the Big Babuna; Luna the cat in Seattle Luna the dog in Seattle; Mac the dog in Seattle; Stephen’s beloved pet, Manon; Marcel, Meatball and Trinity the cats in Marysville; Maya the dog in Seattle; Moose the dog; Onyx the horse in Seattle; the pets Optimus, Oakie and Purrcy in Kent; the pets Otter and Willow in Kirkland; Pearly the German Shepard in Bellevue; Penelope the cat; Tina’s lovable Po, in Sun Lake; Poe the sheepadoodle in Seattle; Rosie the cat; Rosie the goat; Rufus in Mountlake Terrace. Good boy!; Maggie’s pet, Sabby; Lindsey’s companion animal, Sherman; Simba in Kirkland; Squeeky the cat; Ted’s adorable pet, Strat; Sybil the cat; Tank the dog; the cat Princess Kith; Fury, Olivia, and Tygree; cats Lady Helena, Sir Oliver, and Lieutenant Lester; the cats Momo and Mr. Pringles; Bandit the dog; the dog Manifred Goucho Pickles; the German shepard, Kodiak; Pepper in Seattle; the pit bull Anderson Cooper; pit bulls Turbo and Dozer; puppy Moxxy in Burien; Thistle and Nettle the cats in Snohomish; Tonka and Roger the dogs; Waffles the dog in Seattle; Mike’s pet, Zander; the beloved pet, Leonardo Di Vinchy

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