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Donating Stock

Invest in Radio That Makes a Difference!

Gifts of stock or appreciated securities enable you to support C89.5’s music and educational mission while receiving tax benefits. Donating stock to C89.5 may reduce your capital gains, estate or income taxes. According to Forbes, donating stock instead of cash “such as shares acquired from a stock option exercise, restricted stock/RSU vesting, or employee stock purchase plan, can be a smart tax-planning move.” Contact your financial adviser for details specific to your situation.

Contributing securities is a simple, three-step process:

Step 1. Send a letter or email to your broker, authorizing transfer (not sale) of securities to C89.5’s brokerage account (Sample Letter.) Your letter should include:

  • Account owner’s name(s) and account number
  • The date you wish the transfer to occur
  • The name and number of shares of stock you wish to donate
  • Donation made to C89.5/KNHC Public Radio Association, Tax ID: 20-5402402
  • C89.5’s broker contact information

If donating stock close to the end of the year, check with your broker soon after sending the letter to ensure that the transfer is completed by December 31st. Donations of stock may take several business days to process.

Step 2. Ask your broker to contact C89.5’s broker:

Aaron Yoon, AAMS, CRPC
Edward Jones & Co. L.P.
13540 Lake City Way NE, Suite 100
Seattle, WA 98125

Please instruct your broker to include your name, contact information, and any special instructions with your transfer.

Step 3. Send a copy to C89.5 of the letter you send your broker – or – complete and send this Gift of Securities Information Form to C89.5

IMPORTANT: Please notify C89.5 prior to the stock transfer. The stock-wiring message does not always include donor information and C89.5 may not be able to properly credit your gift.

Gifts of Mutual Fund Shares: These may require special processing through your broker or mutual fund issuer and may take longer than a stock transfer. Contact C89.5 General Manager, June Fox, if you wish to donate mutual fund shares: 206-252-3801

Securities in Certificate Form
If you have (physical) stock or bond certificates, please contact June Fox to arrange for delivery: 206-252-3801

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