A graphic image with the words "Studio Upgrade Project" and 3 photos of the C895 studios from 1973, 1995, and 2009

Have you upgraded your phone since 2009? That’s when C89.5’s studios were built and it’s time we upgraded, too!

You can help pump out the jams and give our students the latest tools for success by donating to C89.5 today.

Your generous gift will go toward purchasing and installing equipment for our main studios, elevating the quality of our broadcast, improving the learning experience for our students, and taking your dance party to the next level!

C89.5 has been the soundtrack to your life, your parties, and your road trips. Help us keep the party going!

Donate Now


C89.5 has been a launching pad for countless talented musicians, DJs, and artists in our community. By donating to our studio upgrade project, you’re not only supporting the future of this station but also investing in the local music scene.

The upgrade will make a huge difference to our students, too, giving them hands-on experience with the current technology and helping them develop in-demand jobs skills for careers in the media industry.

No amount is too small, and every dollar counts when you donate!

Together, we can ensure that C89.5 continues to be the heartbeat of the dance music community in the PNW.

Upgrading our broadcast studios is a complicated, multi-stage process, with one of the biggest contraints being that we can’t just shut our broadcast down while we upgrade everything! Fortunately, we have always had a main and an identical back-up studio (Studio A and C.) Numerous logistical and technical challenges will none-the-less make this a 4-6 month project.

Project Budget

Demolition & Construction                         $23,000

  • Demolition of current space
  • Fabrication of cabinets and counters, installation, flooring
  • Drywall repair & paint

Equipment                                                         $120,000

  • Audio consoles, mic and monitor booms
  • Audio processors, KVM switches, computers, touchscreen monitors
  • Software subscriptions, middleware
  • Uninterruptible power supplies

Engineering                                                        $5,000

  • RF engineering
  • Electrical
  • Programming

Contingency                                                       $15,000

Equipment (highlights)

  • Wheatstone GSX-2420 Programmable Digital AoIP Mixing Consoles (2 1)   –  $30,554 ea. (Thank you, Adam!!)
  • Wheatstone M4 IP-USB 4-channel Mic Processors (2)   –  $4,969 ea.
  • Wheatstone MG-1 Digital Voice Processors (5)   –  $1,387 ea. Thanks, Mark and John!
  • Orban Optimod 5950 FM HD Audio Processor (1)   –  $9,995 Thanks, Rob!!!
  • AdderLink Double KVM Switch (6)   –  $1,554 ea.
  • Computers (8)   –  $1,160 ea.
A photo of a Wheatstone digital mixing console. Sliding volume controls and buttons
Wheatstone GSX-2420 Programmable Digital AoIP Mixing Console.
A photo of a 1-rack unit digital voice processor
M4IP-USB Microphone Processor
Front view of a 1-rack space audio processor. A long black rectangle with red, yellow and green meter bars.
MG-1 Digital Microphone Processor
A photo of two small black electronic devices with jacks for ethernet, USB, and HDMI cables.
Adderlink XD522 KVM switch (pair)
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