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UPDATE: Kerli is up against Grace Valerie! (week of March 26)

Quick Question– Are you a Moonchild, or a Trainwreck? Or both?! Relating to Kerli and Porcelain Black, respectively, this is going to be an all out battle.

We’ll be putting Kerli’s new track, “Zero Gravity”, head to head with Porcelain Black’s “Naughty Naughty”.

Oh yeah– Kerli will be hosting with Richard J. Dalton.

(Richard [who is writing this] is BOTH a moonchild AND a trainwreck… ut oh!!!!)

WEEKDAY MORNINGS starting at 6AM, until 8:15 AM!!!

Richard J. Dalton

Hello! I'm Richard J Dalton. You can hear me mixing the Drive-at-Five on Fridays. I also produce Dramatic Readings of Dance Music by Drag Queens, and LiveExclusives. And I help out with the 8bit Work Break and Cafe Chill.

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