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What will be the song of Summer 2012?

There’s always that “defining” song of every summer. What do you think it will be this year? Will it be a “summer themed” track, like Jenna Drey’s “Summer Night in Seattle” or Cascada’s “Summer of Love”, or will it be an otherwise epic track from Dada Life, Kylie or U.V.U.K.?

We’d love to hear your thoughts, below!

Here are some staff favorites to consider:

Richard J. Dalton

Hello! I'm Richard J Dalton. You can hear me mixing the Drive-at-Five on Fridays. I also produce Dramatic Readings of Dance Music by Drag Queens, and LiveExclusives. And I help out with the 8bit Work Break and Cafe Chill.

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  • I don’t think we’ve heard the song yet. But if it is going to be one that’s already out, Summer In Seattle by Jenna Drey has potential for C895 listeners. Scream by Usher also has potential. Hopefully there’s a new dance that emerges this summer. Shuffling is great, but it’s time for something new. Either way i’m excited, this is the best time of the year music-wise!

  • Here is my take by title
    1. Amnesia
    2. Summer of Love
    3. Summer Night in Seattle
    4.Candy Candy
    5. The Night Out
    6. Timebomb

    I like the The Night out Maedon remix…original not so hot. Would of gave it a higher rating.

    As for the hottest movie …. Amnesia and Summer Night in Seattle

    that’s my take, but ultimately its the hit that takes your heart….

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