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January 10, 2014

LOCAL MUSIC: Eireann Wax

Eireann Wax is a singer/song-writer from Seattle.

In 2012, she signed her first single with Tiesto, "Here Tonight" (with Nick Wax & Trenix) with support from many deejays includins Darude.

"State of Oblivion" (with Iversoon & Alex Daf) has picked up support from Woody van Eyden , Aly & Fila, Alex M.O.R.P.H., DJ Suzy Solar and C89.5's Richard J. Dalton.

Eireann has wrapped production on her third single and collaboration and is looking forward to sharing more news in the near future!


Listen to the radio interview!

Basic Eireann Wax Factoids:

  • Favorite Color: Secret favorite color because it's so often ignored, but I love the color purple and have it in MANY various shades.
  • Favorite Variety of Glitter Covered Pink Unicorn with Ballet Shoes: Lisa Frank
  • If you were a type of cheese, which type would you be? What cruel world would force me to choose?!?!

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