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January 29, 2014


Born and raised in the Bay Area, Lisa Dank brought her own movement to Seattle with her Bay flavor and Northwest energy.

She quickly became a local icon, playing major stages and music festivals across the region. Dank became a fixture on C89.5 and headlined her own tour as both singer and DJ. She has continued with releases and collaborations with producers and indie labels in New York, France, Sweden, Chicago, Belgium, Seattle, Vancouver and Los Angeles. Her most recent releases charted on Hype Machine, with a Top 10 breaking remix.

Expanding her skills, she is now a celebrated DJ, Producer, Singer, Songwriter, as well as respected multimedia and street artist!


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Basic Lisa Dank Factoids:

  • Favorite Color: Black
  • Favorite Variety of Glitter Covered Pink Unicorn with Ballet Shoes: The ones that speak Spanish and smell like Blueberries kisses.
  • If you were a type of cheese, which type would you be? Oh man, I love cheese so much this is the hardest question ever. I would have to go with an Aged Ghoudah. Maybe of the goat milk variety....maybe not.

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