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LOCAL MUSIC: Go Periscope

The past couple of years have been a coming of age experience for Seattle’s Go Periscope. Electronica meets indie-rock meets #selfie.

The past couple of years have been a coming of age experience for Seattle’s, Go Periscope. With many online communities embracing their particular brand of electronica meets indie-rock, the music co-operative that releases music under the name Go Periscope, has found themselves in high demand as remixers, live performers and producers.

Their recent self-produced releases have allowed them to show the artistic growth that the members have experienced since their initial release. While their eponymous debut album focused on more pop-based, feel-good songs, their subsequent songs show a developed skill in telling unique stories, and covering darker territories while still maintaining the melodic sensibility that will keep old fans happy, and new fans coming. Their music skews darker, older, and more refined.

While Go Periscope still continue to push out dance-floor packing songs like “Wasteland”, and “Make Believers”, their other tracks like “Awake” and “Burning Out the Sun” push beyond the four-on-the-floor model and drip with the analog saturation that pays homage to the 80s-era recordings that influenced the members to begin writing music. Go Periscope claims a space all their own among their EDM and indie-rock contemporaries.

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Basic Go Periscope Factoids:

Favorite Color:

  • JOSHUA: Green
  • FLORIN: Green

Favorite Variety of Glitter Covered Pink Unicorn with Ballet Shoes:

  • JOSHUA: wat.
  • FLORIN: *head explodes*

If you were a type of cheese, which type would you be?:

  • JOSHUA: I’d be some kind of expensive French cheese that I don’t know how to spell or pronounce,… like Camembert. You know I just had to Google “Expensive Cheese from France” to find an that type of cheese, but still, that’s me. I’m Camembert.
  • FLORIN: Unable to answer due to the head being exploded thing.

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