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February 24, 2014

LOCAL MUSIC: The Crying Spell

Sometimes you have to take a big step back to the past in order to realize what lies in the future. Just like the Seattle, Washington-based quartet The Crying Spell: In the past year, the US formation could already convince European audiences as support act for Killing Joke and Julien-K – and now they return with their retro future electro rock with their two singles "Never Before" and "Elemental". The Crying Spell are the future!

Listen to the radio interview segments!

Basic Crying Spell Factoids:

Favorite Color:
  • Kevin: I enjoy the beauty of the moment. ...much like the color of cement. ;\
  • Chase: I love all the colors not just one!
  • Len: My favorite color is purple therefore i love a pink unicorn covered in purple glitter being kicked in the face by a ninja while puking rainbows
  • Eric: Silver
Favorite Variety of Glitter Covered Pink Unicorn with Ballet Shoes:
  • Kevin: umm. Do my little ponies have shoes?? (<3 all of my bronie pals out there!)
  • Chase: The Variety that sings about freedom of expression.
  • Len: I would also prefer moon boots to ballet shoes But either way they both say "I like to party!"
  • Eric: Ballet shoes?
If you were a type of cheese, which type would you be?:
  • Kevin: I'm known to be a thick crust like substance on the outside, (made from high grade flour and water), but garnished with mozzarella and cheddar, then melted with accomplishment. Just one bite and you may not be able to set me down! .......CHEESE pizza. ChoMP 😉
  • Chase: Mozzarella because it goes so well with so many types of food.
  • Len: If I were a cheese I would be a kraft single
  • Eric: Goat cheese.

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