DJ SAINt from On The Edge!

We were very lucky to come across DJ SAINt when we needed some help with On The Edge. SAINt has been a key figure in the industrial/EBM scene, and aggressively supports local and independent music, which is something I deeply respect. He’s all about the local scene, and I’m so happy that he’s doing his part to make sure it says around. I chatted with SAINt; here’s how it went:

Richard: Hey DJ SAINt! Thanks for taking time out of your schedule for this. Start out by telling me the name of your show, and when it runs.

DJ SAINt: It’s “On The Edge” and it is on Sunday nights from 8PM to 2AM

Richard: What kind of music do you play on your show?

DJ SAINt: Mostly Industrial, EBM, Dark Elektro, Electro, & Tribal with a little Goth, Gothic Rock, Alternative, Synthpop, Witch House, Power Noise, Ambient, IDM, Glitch, Shoegaze, Darkwave, Postpunk, New Wave, Minimal, Harsh, Aggrotech, Hellektro, Triphop, World and local artists thrown in.

Richard: OK, that is possibly the most compelling list I have heard in my entire life. So, On The Edge plays a lot of music styles—how about you? What’s your favorite style of music?

DJ SAINt: New Music. I’m always hungry to hear new things, even if it’s from the 60’s or Classical. Granted I prefer the electronic, spooky and the weird but my tastes are pretty broad.

Richard: You’re giving the best possible answers here as far as I’m concerned. My deep respect for you is growing by leaps and bounds right now. I’m so happy you can bring that to C89.5. Since we have been fortunate enough to get you here, what’s the best part about being on the radio?

DJ SAINt: There are really two things I love about being on the radio. One is since it’s a specialty show I get to play whatever I want, so both the listener and myself get to explore new music. Second I love getting to bring together and expand a community that’s existed since the early 80’s, by bringing in more DJs to take us exploring and tell you about all the events and activities happening in the community.

Richard: What’s a fly C89.5 experience that’s stuck with you?

DJ SAINt: I have 2 here also. One is being able to hear the weird and wild alternative Industrial music being played by Paul Aleinikoff for over 25 years “On The Edge”. And two is when coming in 2 years ago feeling like the black sheep of C89.5, being made to feel very welcomed by such diverse and friendly group of rainbow sheep at the station and knowing that the show maters to so many.

Richard: I have to agree, Paul has built something colossal here over the years. Anything to add before I let you go?

DJ SAINt: Remember to go out and see artists in person doing their shows, because if you don’t support your artistic community it may just disappear.

Richard: Quote to live by! Thank you so much for your time, DJ SAINt!!

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