C895 Presents: CTrends!

Welcome to C895 C-Trends! A student created and produced podcast series where our students explore everything from K-Pop and whats new in Nerd Culture to how to deal with stress and more! Check out the segments and make sure to follow us on Soundcloud for more new episodes as they are produced!

K-Popcast with Molly & Lillian / Episode: 001

The Korean wave — What is it? The best definition Google provides is “the global popularity of South Korea’s cultural economy exporting pop culture, entertainment, music, TV dramas and movies.” Of course when most young people think of the Korean Wave, they think of K-pop.

I always found it interesting how negatively K-pop is viewed in the west. I often hear people (especially guys) throwing around words like “gay” to describe K-pop because the korean male idols they see wear makeup and dress better than they do. K-pop fans also end up with negative connotations like being immature children, disrespecting K-pop idols personal lives as well as the Korean culture in general, and just being overall cringey.

I love talking to my parents about K-pop because I find it fascinating to hear the assumptions that society has put into their heads. I also find it fascinating how much of this just seems like basic knowledge that I think about every day, whereas this is a completely different world to them. I’ll explain to them how much fans have to do when their favorite group drops a new album – stream the album and the title track on as many music platforms as they can, break a record on YouTube, pre-order/buy the album, etc. and they are always blown away by what a fandom (which is often a group of teenagers) can do.

If I had a dollar every time I heard “Why do you listen to music you don’t understand?” or “They look like girls haha,” or “K-pop is gay” or “They’re not even talented,” I’d probably have seen BTS in concert a couple times and would need another shelf for my albums. Since I started using social media, I’ve noticed how fast people are to make assumptions about something they know nothing about. 

I got into K-pop around January of 2018 when BTS was blowing up in the U.S. Before that, I was just as confused and critical as those around me. I thought it was so weird that people listened to music they didn’t understand and the treatment of women in the industry made and still continues to make me uncomfortable. I even actively disliked BTS’ song DNA that was blowing up in the U.S. at the time. Then one fateful day I wondered if watching a performance would help me understand, so I watched their U.S. TV debut on the AMAs in 2017. And then I watched it three more times. 

In my humble opinion, K-pop can be fascinating and really cool if you have an open mind. I decided to create this podcast for those who are curious about the craze and want to learn more. My friend Lillian and I talk about dancing, the industry, fans, and more! If you still dislike it after doing research, that’s cool! The main thing is not putting other people down for their interests. Happy listening!

C895 Presents C-Trends: Magic The Discovering with JD Williams/ Episode 001

For C895’s C-Trends, I’m JD Williams, and this is a blog post about my new podcast, Magic: The Discovering. It is a podcast dedicated to the fantasy-themed collectable card game Magic: The Gathering, which is by far more popular than (and is the predecessor to) Pokemon. Magic: The Gathering is also known as MTG or just Magic. Magic was created in 1993 by Richard Garfield, and he now owns Wizards of the Coast, the company that created Magic, as well as Dungeons and Dragons, and they had a hand in Pokemon. And their Headquarters is right here, in Seattle. How cool is that?

According to Garfield, in an interview for the documentary Enter The Battlefield, he stated “I think it was back in ‘91, I had this eureka moment, when I was hiking at multnomah falls with my family. And I was at the falls and I had this idea that just overwhelmed me, that you didn’t have to have all the players have the same cards. And that struck me as having a lot of different game potential.” And he was so right. Magic now has well over 14,000 unique card printings, as of the films release in March of 2016. It has, by my manual count, 195 expansions, or sets. And so about 8 or so of those sets come out every year.

And while these numbers are impressive, what’s more impressive is the number, and type of people that play Magic. Magic is played all around the world, on every continent, in nearly every country, and you can’t just put us into one box of “Magic players”. Many celebrities that you may know play Magic: The Gathering, such as Cassius Marsh (defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks), Nathan Fillion (from Firefly, Castle, The Rookie), Seth Rogen (Saturday Night Live), and many more! And these people, while all famous, are famous for different reasons, and that just goes to show that you can’t put all us Magic players in one box; on label. We come from all regions, all races, all religions, all backgrounds…Magic is just a fun “hobby”, although for some it has become their career.

Many people collaborate, as to improve upon gameplay and the experience. However, some people who collaborate regularly call themselves teams. There are many famous Magic teams, such as ChannelFireball, Musashi, Ultra PRO, Greater Good, etc. All these teams play professional Magic, and get paid to do so. Many of these teams also have their own websites and stores, to generate more income and keep their careers afloat. That being said, if you want to start getting into Magic, the world’s most famous and premium place for all things Magic is Card Kingdom, also located in Seattle. Imagine that the world’s two best places for Magic, in the same city, our city! So cool!

Card Kingdom sells and buys Magic cards, as well as many many many MANY other games! They also host Magic tournaments with prizes, and would totally be happy and willing to teach you, and your friends, how to play Magic: The Gathering! But before you do that, go listen to my podcast covering the very basics of the game, so when you walk into Card Kingdom, or your local game store, you’ll not be completely lost.

Fresh & Sour Nerd Culture with Alex / Episode 001: Whats New In Video Games

Alex talks about whats Fresh & Sour in Nerd Culture! In his first episode, he looks at whats up and coming in video games, ranking whats fresh and whats sour!

How To Deal with Stress with Jaime & Elias / Episode 001

Hey! I’m Jaime and I made a podcast about stress! It’s only 6 minutes and it will help your life! Are you struggling to cope with stress and the demands of your life? Have you been feeling panicked and overwhelmed with your everyday life? Or having headaches or even mental breakdowns? I think stress is playing a huge role in your life.This podcast is the perfect choice for you! My co host Elias Thai and I will bring you some great techniques and knowledge on stress, because we all know that ultimate merciless feeling we all feel sometimes or even everyday. Stress sucks, but it can get better with some sweet hacks that I tell you in my podcast. Stress is important to manage, if you don’t manage your stress levels,things can go downhill quickly. So, consider taking 6 minutes and 28 seconds of your stressful life to clear and help your mind. So you can have a happier, less-overwhelming, and more peaceful life. All brought to you by two of your fantastic student DJ’s, Jaime and Elias Thai.

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