Membership and Donation FAQ


Is my donation tax-deductable?
Yes. C89.5 is owned by Seattle Public Schools. It is the opinion of the Seattle School District that contributions to the District may be claimed as charitable contributions as described in Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. Our Tax ID (EIN) is: 91-6001541. Consult your tax professional for further guidance.
How do I request a receipt for tax purposes
Contact our membership department online or leave a message: 206-252-3817.
How do I request a matching gift from my employer?
Search our employer match directory at for instructions specific to your company. NOTE: be sure to have your employer match your donation to the C895/KNHC Public Radio Association, our partner 501(c)(3) non-profit. The Association’s Tax ID (EIN) is: 20-5402402.
How do I update my contact information?
Contact our membership department online or leave a message at 206-252-3817.
How do I make other changes to my membership, such as my communication preferences?
Contact our membership department online or leave a message at 206-252-3817.
If I renew my membership, can I request a new thank-you gift?
Yes! Any time you donate to C89.5, you are eligible for the thank you gifts that are available at that time, based on the value of your donation. Visit
I would prefer to receive less mail or email from C89.5. How can I request that?
Contact our membership department or leave a message: 206-252-3817. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time just be clicking the link at the bottom of the email, however, we may have difficulty reaching you to send your annual tax statement.


How do I update my credit card, expiration date, or other payment information?
There are two options for updating your payment information.

Option 1:  Log in to your online membership account. For security purposes, to access your account may be required to create a new account or a request a password reset. Both will send a message to the email address associated with your most recent donation. If you have difficulty, please email or call our membership department: or 206-252-3817

Option 2:  Simply start a new monthly donation and, in the comments, let us know you would like this to replace your previous monthly donation.

How do I increase my monthly donation?
Just provide your contact info here or leave a message at 206-252-3817 and we’ll be in touch to confirm your new monthly donation. Please include the amount by which you wish to increase your donation AND your full name in your message so we can look-up your account information.
How do I decrease or cancel my monthly donation?
Just provide your contact info here or leave a message at 206-252-3817 and we’ll be in touch to confirm changes to your monthly donation. Please include your full name in your message so we can look-up your account information.
As a Sustainer, can I get an annual thank-you gift?
Yes! Visit our Sustainer page to learn more about the perks of being a recurring monthly donor.

Privacy & Security

Does C89.5 give out my address, email address, phone number or other personal data?
No. We do not sell, rent, trade or share your personal information. Read our full privacy policy.
Will I be bombarded with mail or email?
No. We send out a monthly newsletter and you will receive reminders when it is time to renew your annual membership or update your personal information. During fundraisers, you may receive invitations to special events, opportunities to participate in a matching challenge, or info about special thank-you gifts. You will also receive an annual statement of your donations to C89.5 for tax purposes.
Is my financial information secure?
Yes. Your credit/debit card and banking information is handled by, an industry-leading, PCI-compliant processor. C89.5 does not store your credit card, debit card, banking, or other payment information.

Other Ways to Give

Donate a Car, Truck, Boat, RV or other vehicle
Call 855-500-7433 or visit to donate your vehicle. You will receive a statement reflecting the value of your donation which you may use for tax purposes.
Donate Stock
Donate stocks and appreciated securities to our non-profit, C89.5/KNHC Public Radio Association. For instructions and forms, visit
Donate from your IRA
Making a gift to C89.5 from your IRA is a tax-wise way to support the music and students programs you care about, plus donations count toward your required minimum distribution. For instructions and forms, visit
Include C89.5 in your estate planning
Including C89.5 in your will, trust or other estate plan is a wonderful way to leave a legacy and realize tax benefits in the near term. Learn more at
Donate through your employer (payroll deduction)
Many companies encourage employees to support nonprofits through payroll deduction. An added bonus is your employer may match your donation. Contact your HR department for details about your employer’s work-place giving program.
Washington State Employee Combined Fund Drive
Washington State employees can give through the Combined Fund Drive.
Donate using Paypal or Facebook
You can donate to C89.5 through Paypal and Facebook, but Venmo’s terms of service prohibit fundraising for non-profits. Patreon is not an option because it only supports audio content which is downloadable (aka podcasts.)
Support C89.5 when you shop Amazon Smile
Designate C89.5 as your preferred charity through Amazon Smile and a portion of every purchase made at will go to C89.5.
Support C89.5 when you shop at Fred Meyer or QFC
You can designate C89.5 to receive a donation when you shop Fred Meyer, QFC, some gas stations, and other businesses affiliated with Kroger when you use your Fred Meyer rewards card. A portion of every purchase made using your rewards card will go to C89.5.