I asked her to send a photo, but she forgot—so I found one laying around the station from the 1990’s.

Mel McCoy co-hosts Planet Dance. I asked her to send a photo, but she forgot—so I found one laying around the station from the 1990’s, which I think is appropriate in this case, since much of the music they play on Planet Dance is from the 1990’s!

Despite not having a current photo, I promise this interview is current! I spoke to her recently about the show she hosts with Matt.

Richard: Welcome Mel! What’s the official name of your show, and when does it run?

Mel: PLANET DANCE!! YEAH!!! Thursday Nights 8:30-11pm.

Richard: I already listen, but if I didn’t—what would you tell me to expect on Thursday nights?

Mel: 2000’s / 1990’s / Amazingness!!

Richard: What’s your favorite style of music (personally)?

Mel: A little bit of EVERYTHING! Love Dance music, R&B (especially 90’s), but i’m almost always on “shuffle mode”.

Richard: What’s the best part about being on the radio?

Mel: Dancing in the studio with Matt, talking with the listeners, and playing GREAT music

Richard: What’s an awesome C89.5 experience that’s stuck with you?

Mel: Almost too many to name, but meeting Lady Gaga and signing a duet on-air with Sophia May, talking with listeners at LAP’s.

Richard: Anything to add?

Mel: Thank you to all our listeners, not just to our show Planet Dance – but the station in general, you are amazing and have the best taste in music ; )

Richard: Thanks Mel!

If you want to see a more current picture of Mel—currently she’s posing with Matt and one of our resident unicorns on here Twitter profile pic at @planetdance895

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