Adrian hosts the Vortex on Saturday Nights!

Adrian Woods is the new host of the Vortex. When Drew Bailey moved to do our Morning Show, Adrian was awesome enough to step in and put up the “Under New Management” sign.

Adrian just this year graduated from the radio program at Nathan Hale High School, which is based at C89.5. This is a big thing to take on at his age, but he’s been doing a great job.

He’s busy almost 100% of the time I see him curating the show, but I was able to grab him for a few minutes to chat.

Richard: Hi Adrian

Adrian: (silence)

Richard: Haha—what time does the Vortex run?

Adrian: The Vortex is on Saturday from 8pm to 2am.

Richard: What kind of music can we hear on The Vortex?

Adrian: The underground side of dance music including multiple genres such as house, techno, breaks, trap, glitch hop, dubstep and drum n’ bass .

Richard: What’s your favorite style of music?

Adrian: Unique sounding things… And anything with bass.

Richard: What’s the best part about being on the radio?

Adrian: I enjoy the satisfaction of what I am able to accomplish. Lots of chances to be creative.

Richard: What’s an awesome C89.5 experience that’s stuck with you?

Adrian: Sounding like a farm animal during a pledge drive… I was a Turkey

Richard: Haha, I remember that! That poor donkey tho. But that’s another story. Thanks Adrian!

Adrian: (silence)

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