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LEGO Action Party with DJ

C89.5 is listener-supported, non-commercial radio. Although we’re located at Nathan Hale high school, 72% or our operating revenue comes from individual donations and local businesses. Your financial contribution supports the dance music you love and provides educational opportunities for our students.

As a thank-you gift for a donation of $10/month or more, you can get your own C89.5 LEGO Action Figure. These little people are perfect for your desk, your personal LEGO diorama or your stop-motion animation project. Each Action Figure is printed with a C89.5 logo and each one is unique – no two are alike. Even better, long-time C89.5 member, Brad at Bricks and Minifigs in South Everett, will customize your LEGO with the head and accessories of your choice. Just bring your figure to his store and he’ll fix you up.

We have a limited quantity of these little people so donate $10 a month or more TODAY before we run out.

Bruce Wirth

I'm the membership director at C89.5 where I get to talk with listeners who love us so much they want to support what we do! Not a bad job ;)
Questions about your membership? Use the "Contact" menu to connect with me.

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