Shout Out Sunday – SNOW EDITION!

Time for another 🗯📣 #ShoutOutSunday🗯📣!  This week we want to give a big shout to Natfoot! He kept us entertained with hourly updates of his limited edition C895 minifig getting buried in the snow! Nat’s minifig was rescued before it got too deep (thankfully he did have a helmet!) but measuring the depth in minifigs made the whole snowy ordeal way more fun! Thanks, Natfoot! If you want to grab your own limited edition C895 minifig AND support your favorite radio station you can donate anytime!

We love shouting out our amazing listeners and members! If you have a picture of a C895 Thank You gifts or a video or pic of you and the squad jamming to one of our shows…tag us 🖊 or slide into those DMs 😜📥

Harmony Soleil

She's fabulous! Harmony Soleil is an on-air personality, interviewer, voice-over artist and DJ on C89.5FM. You can follow her on Twitter and like her Friday night radio show on Facebook. Thanks for listening!

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