Pride Weekend – Listen Again! (with links)

Thank you for celebrating Pride Weekend with C895! We had a blast bringing you a full weekend of LGBTQA+ music, fabulous surprises and so much more.

Listen again– click on the link to which party you’d like to revisit, or that you missed.

SCHEDULE (Listen Again Links)


  • 5 pm :: “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay” Party: Three hours of non-stop LGBTQ+ empowerment anthems with Harmony & RJD
    [ Listen_Again ]
  • 8 pm :: “The ElectroBox International Pride Event”: New dancefloor-worthy music from around the planet, along with some foundational classics
    [ Listen_Again ]
  • 12am :: “30 Hz So Good”: Pounding and empowering bass
    [ Listen_Again ]
  • 1 am :: “C89.5 Pride Afterhours” with Randy Schläger & Justin Dohman
    [ Listen_Again ]


  • 7 am :: “Saturday Save-the-Wave Party: True Colours”: 3 hours of LGBTQ+ inspired new wave music with Seattle icon DJ Trent Von
    [ Listen_Again ]
  • 10am :: Brunch x Bloody Marys with DJ Bret Law: Saturday mid-morning virgin cocktails served by Pride mainstay Bret Law
    [ Listen_Again ]
  • 12pm :: C89.5 Presents Trans Pride: DJ Icy Aly presents a mix celebrating the Seattle trans community. All are welcome!
    [ Listen_Again ]
  • 2 pm :: “Saturday Afternoon Tea Dance” with Randy Schläger:  Based on the historic afternoon social event where you meet with friends and dance to anthems while celebrating your individuality. Hosted live by Mel and Matt.
    [ Listen_Again ]
  • 3 pm :: “C89.5 Coming Out Party”: Let the world know who you are! Text in your pride shoutouts and coming out stories. We’ll share them on air. Mixed lived by Richard J Dalton and hosted by Mel and Matt
    [ Listen_Again ]
  • 5 pm :: “C89.5 Pride Block Party with Tracy Young”: Re-live partying in the streets during Pride, with world famous DJ Tracy Young! Hosted live by Mel and possibly Matt.
    [ Listen_Again ]
  • 6 pm :: “I’m Every Womxn” Party: Inspired by the legendary Pride anthem, we’ll pay tribute to the womxn who power dance music. Hosted by Harmony Soleil.
    [ Listen_Again ]
  • 7 pm :: “Test Sin” with Test Spin: The newest guilty pleasure LGBTQ+ dance pop music that hasn’t had it’s chance at a dance floor yet.
    [ Listen_Again ]
  • 8 pm :: “Saturday Night Pride Multi-Level Party with The Vortex”: Each hour, enter another level, one degree more intense than the last. Hosted by Adrian.
    [ Listen_Again ]


  • 9 am :: Wake Up Pride Special with Cafe Chill: Have you ever been awake this early on Sunday of Pride?? Seth eases you into it with a specially formatted mix of upbeat chill music.
    [ Listen_Again ]
  • 10am :: C89.5 Presents THE PARADE: Harmony and Richard host a fake, but real, parade. Floats from local business and organizations, starts at Fourth Avenue and Union Street and ends at the C89.5 Pride Main Stage.
    [Listen Again: 10AM Preparations / 11AM Parade ]
  • 12pm :: C89.5 PRIDE MAIN STAGE: emceed by Aleksa Manila
  • 4 pm :: “It’s Raining People” Party: Randy Schläger throws down Pride anthems from the deejay stage overlooking the fountain. Bring your bathing attire! (alternate title if it rains, “It’s Raining, People”)
    [ Listen Again ]
  • 6 pm :: “Off to the Hill” with Carnaval Mix: This aligns with the time everyone heads up to Capitol Hill to land whichever club this year’s hot latinx party takes place at! Polo has deejays and features lined up, just like in the club!
    [ Listen Again ]
  • 8 pm :: “C89.5 Pride Latex Party with On The Edge”: Slide into that latex outfit, and add a little dark eye liner while taking in the scene. Industrial dance music and special features with DJ SAINt and collaborators.
    [ Listen Again ]


Harmony Soleil

She's fabulous! Harmony Soleil is an on-air personality, interviewer, voice-over artist and DJ on C89.5FM. You can follow her on Twitter and like her Friday night radio show on Facebook. Thanks for listening!


  • JES is amazing… one of the only artists with that old school trance sound (first heard her on Tiesto’s “Nyana” in 2002. The one chance I had to see her play at Magnuson park, I had to work… not gonna miss this time

    Been listening to C89 since the day I got my license 20+ years now… keep on rollin’!

    What would it take to get you on Sirius XM?

    • JES is stoked to do this performance. She should be on with a vocal performance around noon on Sunday.

      SiriusXM is a private company– they only carry a select few channels from outside producers that they have business arrangements with, unfortunately. For now, hopefully the FM and online streams work for you!

    • @Robert: Just an update to my earlier reply– JES will be at 2PM. But check this page– we’ll update the schedule periodically and change times. Wow, like a real festival! 🙂

  • Harmony was stoked to do this just because it was exciting! I was so excited to see this growth happen, but since I missed all of it, I want to say thanks for hosting all this, and have a great day!

    Keep the music going, and playing!

    • You didn’t miss it yet! It’s this coming weekend! 🙂

  • As a person in my 60’s my best friend since 4th grade was gay. He had to hide who he was so as my 1st “husband” we hid the truth. Tragically he succumbed to AIDS in the 90’s. PRIDE means not having to hide, to be authentic, accepted, and free. I wish he was here so he could see the change we longed for. Thank you C89.5 for supporting PRIDE.

  • I’m so excited! Maybe Seth Will come and host the actual event of cafe chill called, “Two Of Another” or, “PRIDEDAY” it’s so beautiful when these people come and mention things as they host them. Hopefully I can make it to all the pride events!

    P.S: I’ll make it with Adrian Woods pretty soon!

  • I have to go to work at this point we be involved in parade I have God time and place where no color is especial especial is you en El color que Vegas lo que hay que hacer es acomodarce en orden del arcoiris de precente firich es tu color cul firich is. You

  • Really loved the Sunday sets! Thank you for putting this all together!

    Much love from Vancouver Canada.

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