Café Chill, playlist and a random lie: IVVY, Rosentwig, Mint Julep and more

Hope your weekend went well. ICYMI, the latest episode of Cafe Chill includes tracks from IVVY, Rosentwig, Mint Julep and more.

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Playlist from 01 Nov 2020

One track below is a lie. Can you pick out which one?

6AM Playlist

Frythm – Mariposa
Coubo – Woods
Emancipator – Goodness
Tydes – Atlas
Jinsang – eyes
Birocratic – Matlack
Sufjan Stevens – Futile Devices (Shigeto Remix)
Frameworks – Titles
Aurescence – Mystic Escape
BABEL. – Tell Me
Sitkah – Wise Love
Native – Youth
Coubo – We’ve Lost It All
Feverkin – Sinking (feat. Nori)
IG88 – Negative Space

7AM Playlist

Kasseo – Almanac
Kaelyn – The Mood
VIQ – Somewhere
Tycho – Easy
Unfound – Reach
William French – Heart
Frameworks – Titles
Hior Chronik – Still Foggy (Cosmonaut Grechko Remix)
Boards of Canada – Nothing Is Real
Pacific Coliseum – Home
Eagle Eyed Tiger – Momentum
Hotwax – Isopod
Telefon Tel Aviv – Life Is All About Taking Things In and Putting Things Out

8AM Playlist

Tmpst – Transit
Memorex Memories – Summers Lullaby
Starship – We Built This City
IVVY – Make Me Fall In Love
il:lo – Reine (feat. Brain Blake)
Lifeformed – 9-Bit Expedition
Rosentwig – Supergravity
Hello Meteor – Charcoal and Ash
Jay Cliffen & LaFlamme – Bo-Tree
Fujii – Cartridge Unit
Mint Julep – Blinded
edapollo – By the River
Frameworks – Rotations
Imagined Herbal Flows – Beyond the Sun
Birocratic – Extra Fresh

9AM Playlist

Angeldustmite – Grillades
Lavier – Be Good, Take Care
Tycho – From Home
Dillard – Summit
EeMu – Body
Forhill – Iris (Edit)
Eagle Eyed Tiger – Cassette Culture
Virtual Cat – Hydrangea
Takeleave – You
Rosentwig – Supergravity
Heathered Pearls – Cast in Lemon & Sand
IHF & Ian Urbina – Wonder
Teebs – Mirror Memory
Koresma – Free

Photo: Rising clouds over a post-industrial landscape in Everett, WA.

Richard J Dalton from Café Chill

I work behind-the-scenes on Café Chill. My social circle consists almost exclusively of crows.


  • Here is my upcoming playlist:

    but, there are two challenges, so be prepared!

    CHALLENGE #1: Two of these tracks are a lie. Can you pick out which two?





    A.L.I.S.O.N – Output
    Yu-Utsu – Moon
    Lusine – Retrace
    Yumi And The Weather – Well Aware
    Cydny – Sun Spot
    Shepard – Not Bad Enough
    ll nothing ll –
    Elsa Hewitt – Things to Say
    Handycat – White Lodge
    il:lo – Vega
    PINES – Tell Me (feat. Water Park)
    Emancipator – Eve II (Odesza Remix)
    Gold Panda – Pink and Green
    Marley Carroll – Migration
    Shepard – Post Modern


    LaFlamme – Crystal Sky
    Shepard – Not Bad Enough
    Ministry – Everyday Is Halloween
    Michael Jackson – Thriller
    fruit – Moonkissed
    Tylun – Heart
    Moon Boots – The Life Aquatic
    Paternoster Poetry – True Story
    Mint Julep – Blinded
    Memorex Memories – Beacon Hill
    Florida Skyline – Blueberry
    Buddy Love – Mango Peach
    American Dollar – Sea Of Roses
    Lempano – Iridescent Reefs
    Edamame – Periderm


    Catchup – Stir It Up (An Old Man In An Ugly Tomazo-Suit)
    The World H – Get Up, Stand Up
    IVVY – Make Me Fall In Love
    Mvnners – Pretty Things
    EeMu – Body
    Tokari – Plant an Old Seeds
    Boards Of Canada – Aquarius
    The World H – Please Don’t Do That
    Cascades – Distopian Earthquake
    Fujii – Chill
    Sitkah – Sorrows
    2814 – Sujano Street
    Heathered Pearls – Sunshine Heights
    Teebs – Golden Aquifruies

    Photo is of a golden coin laying down on small, and soft grass.

  • Here are my upcoming playlists:



    Greybox – closer
    Imagined Herbal Flows – ocean tides
    Koresma – Canyon Walls
    Maluca – I Couldn’t Leave You
    Manatee Commune – Wake
    Cloudchord x Soul Food Horns – Bopatron
    Paternoster Poetry – Paternoster Elevator 1
    Slow Magic – Moon
    Altitude. – Options
    Mvnners – Crush
    mu arae – A Far Away Place
    Hello Meteor – Charcoal and Ash
    Arbour – Sunrise
    Emancipator – Goodness
    Beatmachinearon – Moon Bed


    Laflamme – Crystal Sky
    Invention – Landrace
    Livision – Mechanical Garden
    Uinta – Taw
    Sundrenched – Hotel Orange
    PVLMS – Phases
    Resotone – Never the Same
    Pacifix – Your Eyes
    Frameworks – Kings
    Saib – Spring Waltz
    Monster Rally – Orchids
    Ao Logics – Cat N Johnny
    Flamingosis – Cup of Ramen (feat. Go Yama)
    Soft Glas – Latency (feat. Stalking Gia)
    Catching Flies – Mama’s Wisdom
    Gold Panda – Pink and Green
    Florida Skyline – My Childhood Tapes


    mu arae – a far away place
    wowflower – Cool Group
    Heathered Pearls – Creat Coffee near Imagined Gold sunset
    Tokari – text messages .-.-.
    Ikotu – Evermore
    Gold Panda – Red Skin
    Edamame – Bird Songs
    Kaelyn – The Mood
    Four Tet – Circling
    Four Tet – Limbo
    2 8 1 4 – My Love
    Heathered Pearls – Sunshine Heights
    Tylun – My Love



    Hotel Pools – Spring
    Oldtwig – Diffuse Light
    Slow Magic – Manhattan
    Chris LaRue – Wool Socks
    früit – Prism
    Lone – Sleepwalkers
    Firephly – Passage To The Sky
    Yppah – Light Cycle
    A.L.I.S.O.N. – Pink Cloud Days
    wowflower – You Love Him
    Mute City – Seawall
    RRAREBEAR – Ginger
    Sun Glitters – DDeepptthhlleessss
    Hotel Pools – Distance (feat. Memorex Memories)

    Photo is of weld from the growing of grass and dirt.


    Scott Xylo – Afroo!!!!!!
    Memorex Memories – Summer’s Lullaby
    Hello Meteor – The Clear Cream (ft. ZeFire)
    Melorman – Salty Air
    Florida Skyline – Blueberry
    Imagimoon – Fire And Puff
    Koresma And Marley Carroll – Eucaliptus
    The World H – Tell Me
    Auresence – Mystic Escape
    Imagimoon – Deep in Croquet
    edapollo – By The River
    Frameworks – Reset
    Cotulli – Beautiful Tonight
    Food For Lips – Relaxed


    Mr. Fox – A Beautiful Day in the Castle
    Mr. Hong – Summer Love
    Pacific Coliseum – Wave Catalyst (High Tide)
    The Tin Box – There Is Only Light And The Light Is All
    FadedAeon – Out to Sea
    Swimming TV – Falling
    TheNoiseMachine – Don’t Worry So Much
    Freud – Faux Pas
    Elsa Hewitt – Pop Tuna
    Jay Cliffen & LaFlamme – Day Spring
    DWDY – Feel Free
    X3SR – Farewell
    Aliam – Aotra
    oDDling – Chroma

    Photo is of Lakeway City, Idaho looking at Malware River at a lovely, and bright morning.

  • I put the photo information in the wrong place!

    The photo of 2018-47 is of weld from the growing of grass and dirt.

    The photo of 2018-46 is of Lakeway City, Idaho looking at Malware River at a lovely, and bright morning.

  • Hey Richard, Can you please put these songs into the 8am playlist for Sunday, the 15th? Also, can you add the whole episode of this into PRX? Thank You!

    1:00 – Takeleave – The Woods
    3:17 – Hotel Pools – Spring
    6:51 – Marley Carroll – Ice Cavern
    10:59 – ind__fris – pwp
    18:04 – Sundrenched – Missu
    22:01 – Koresma – Big Sky
    25:46 – Whirl – Urban Landscape
    30:11 – Marley Carroll – Starlings
    34:19 – Floating Forest – Strange Wonders (Special Edition)
    38:45 – Southpaw – See With Fresh Eyes
    41:56 – wowflower – untuch
    43:46 – Madegg – Wakaru (Daisuke Tanabe Remix)
    49:23 – jinsang. – Reflections
    51:15 – pndr – Sunset And Coffee
    52:43 – Freud – Cuban Episode

    Again Richard, can you please add these songs into the PRX Podcast “Cafe Chill (Episode 2020-46),” please? Thank you!

  • for the last three songs I meant 48:30, 51:21, and 52:41. Thanks!

    And, Make sure Seth says, “We’re coming out of a little bit of Daisuke Tanabe with a remix of Wakaru by Madegg released in two thousand and twenty. You also heard a bit of wowflower, the song untuch. Very weird spelling name that kind of looks like Descendents, but, whatever. That was from two thousand and nineteen’s self Portrait. We got three more left in the hour. This is Cafe Chill!”


  • Here is my upcoming playlist:


    The playlist got stolen by Croquet eating it in his mouth. Can you find it?


    Imagimoon – Imagine
    Miga – Hide U
    Outside – Cello
    Lutimspon – Pollo
    Gold Panda – Pink And Green
    Sitkah – Sorrows
    Elsa Hewitt – Pop Tuna
    BODYBITE – Woken Up By The Sun
    Shigeto – Miss U
    Rich – Merrty
    STUCKIN NERD + 5&6 – Synth Sport
    Tomas Novoa – Tundra
    TOKiMONSTA & Selah Sue – Early To Dawn
    Eyukaliptus – Summit
    Sundrenched – Overexposed Suburban Sunset


    Eagle Eyed Tiger – Outlaw Star
    Waveblock – Puzzles
    Tekvision – Lament
    DNZ – Wanderlust
    Captures – Lagos
    Sitkah – Wise Love
    Eagle Eyes Tiger – Frontier
    Imagimoon – Imagine
    Scott Xylo – Ramona Flowers
    jinsang. – Some Other Time
    Yppah – Golan
    Southpaw – Primers
    Bad Snacks – Homecoming
    Tomas Novoa – Sinking
    Freud – Cuban Episode
    Hotel Pools – Waterpool

    Photo is of wike from a taken grass seed root in front of the Holt Bay Ferry.

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