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C89.5 Advance Pride Planner!

Photo: The lineup at Kremwerk, see below

Making plans for later this month, for the week leading up to Pride? Get ready to celebrate with C89.5! Here’s what you should pencil into your calendar:

Wed., 20 Jun 2018

    • 7PM – 9PM :: LASER C89.5: PRIDE EDITION
      Starts at 7 p.m. – C89.5 returns to celebrate Seattle Pride with “C89.5 Laser: Pride Edition” for one night only! Great opportunity to try a “dress rehearsal” with your pride attire!
      Harmony Soleil in the Laser Dome @ 8PM
      Faraz AKA DJ HandZ at the pre-party @ 7PM
      Tickets at

Fri., 22 Jun 2018

    • 2 PM – 5PM :: C89.5 Pride Weekend On-Air: DJ Mix Preview
      We’ll be in the mix all weekend, but we’ll be giving you a little tease of the deejays we’ll be featuring. See full list below!

Sat., 23 Jun 2018

    • 5 AM – Midnight :: C89.5 Pride Weekend DJ Mix On-Air
      The hottest deejays in Seattle, in the mix, all day long! Hosted by the fabulous Mark “Mom” Finley, from Dramatic Readings of Dance Music by Drag Queens
      Featured DJ’s both Saturday & Sunday:

      • DJ Martini
      • Fysah vs. DJ Million
      • Kryspin
      • DJ Dana Dub
      • DJ Lightray
      • DJ Rubin
      • Harmony Soleil
      • Richard J. Dalton
      • DJ Luis
      • Faraz AKA DJ HandZ
      • Gabriel Zus
      • Seth of Go Periscope
      • DJ Mark Alvarado
      • DJ Trini
      • and more may be announced!
    • 5PM – 2AM :: C89.5 PRESENTS PRIDE! AT KREMWERK, featuring Ultra Naté, Samantha Ronson, Kittens, & Landon Cider
      Join us in celebrating Seattle Pride 2018! The hottest pride Saturday party in town bringing you world renowned super stars and beloved local talent!
      For full lineup info, click here!

Sun., 24 Jun 2018

    • 9AM – 10AM :: C89.5 Pride Weekend DJ Mix with Café Chill
      Café Chill goes in the mix for the first time ever!
    • 10AM – 2PM :: C89.5 Pride Weekend DJ Mix On-Air with hostess Mark Mom Finley
      We’ll be in the mix all weekend– more sets from the deejays above! And Mark Mom Finley is leading the parade…. so Mark is leaving Mom behind, and hosting as Mark. If you’re confused, then you’re ready to party!
    • 12PM – ??? :: C89.5 Pop-Up Dance Floor at PrideFest!
      We’ll be hosting a pop-up dance floor, just as you walk into the festival. We should be one of the first things you see while coming off of the parade from Thomas.
    • 2PM – 6PM :: C89.5 Pride Weekend DJ Mix On-Air with host Mel McCoy
      Mel takes over at 2PM– these are the same mixes you hear in our Pridefest tent!
    • 6PM – 8PM :: C89.5 Pride Weekend DJ Mix On-Air with Carnaval Mix
      Polo and company give it all a Latin vibe!

      • Dana Dub
      • DJ Mark Alvarado
      • DJ Luis
      • DJ Trini

Richard from Cafe Chill

I work behind-the-scenes on Café Chill. I like to make friends with crows.

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