Every time I write a new blog post that includes an interview about a C89.5 deejay, it seems to center around Neighbours for some reason, at least geographically. I swear, they don’t sponsor these blog posts!

Anyway, this blog post is about one of our newest C89.5 deejays—DJ Polo. You guessed it, I first met him at Neighbours. He’s been switching off spinning with DJ Luis at their Latin Night on Sundays. They’ve been packing this night for years, and we’re so incredibly excited to have him as one of our resident deejays.

I caught up with Polo between sessions at the C89.5 studio to chat real quick before his next Carnaval set.

Richard: Polo! Give me the run down of when you’re on C89.5.

DJ Polo: It’s Carnaval Mix, Sundays from 5PM to 7PM. It’s Latin Music.

Richard: Sweet—I love the show and it’s actually the highlight of my week when I get to help out. You get to play a lot of your favorite styles, so expand on your favorite Latin sub-genres.

DJ Polo: Some of my favorites are Latin House, Latin Pop and Tropical Music.

Richard: As a new deejay on C89.5, what’s the best part about being on the radio?

DJ Polo: To be able to reach a bigger crowed who also enjoys the type of music we play at the show.

Richard: Thanks Polo, DJ Luis needs you in the studio now, so I’ll let ya go. Looking forward to your set!

DJ Polo: Bye!

Check out Polo live on Sundays, or listen on our On-Demand player after the fact!

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