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As educators, it’s tremendously gratifying to hear about the impact we have on our students. Thanks to Ody (Class of 2019) for sharing her story! And checkout the awesome profile of Ody and the hosts of Carnaval Mix by local Spanish-language TV station, KUNS (below.)

I’m Ody- a high spirited, goofy, giggly, first generation US Citizen.

“Advanced Radio” was my go-to place to hang out, help out and gain experience. Without the station, I doubt I’d be as encouraged and ready for a new path as I am now. Although it seems odd, I was once incredibly shy and had a hard time figuring out what to do with my future. Thankfully, I’ve had guidance!

From the moment I walked into my first day of “Intro to Radio”, to expressing my cluelessness on “Does a High Schooler Know It?” with Drew Bailey, to co-creating and managing the first Latinx show on C895, Carnaval Mix, and hosting the 2018 Washington State High School Radio Awards, I’ve learned so much at C89.5.

The fact is, radio has helped me a lot. It’s a platform where I’m able to express my dorky self and feel at home. When everything seemed unbearable and I was struggling to keep myself afloat, I had one secure place where I knew I could be myself and be supported. All thanks to the staff.

There aren’t enough ways for me to say how each and every person has been a guide and friend. Yet one thing is for sure: I, a young and proud Latina, have become aware of my strengths and learned how to embrace my faults. My giggles, tears, energy and the knowledge I gained at C89.5 have brought me to where I am now. The best part is that many of you who listen to C89.5 have borne witness as I’ve grown from a freshman to a senior.

I am grateful for the experience and ready to continue!


Ody 🙂

C89.5 on Univision Seattle

Univision Seattle recently featured our Carnaval Mix program! (Thanks for coming by Paula Lamas and Pablo Gaviria Univision Seattle– check them out on Channel 51.1!)

Posted by C89.5 Public Radio on Tuesday, November 29, 2016

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