Governor Inslee Honors C89.5!

Inslee's Letter to C895


Greetings from the Governor
January 25, 2021

I want to extend my personal best wishes to everyone celebrating the 50th anniversary of C895 Public Radio!

KNHC Public Radio Seattle was born in 1971 at Nathan Hale High School in North Seattle as a way to encourage and energize students in Larry Adams’ electronics class. What started as a radio station run by the students celebrates 50 years of broadcasting this year on January 25, 2021.

I want to thank the founder, Larry Adams, for being the students’ biggest cheerleader. Mr. Adams had the foresight to create a working classroom that equips students with the tools to work in any radio station. More importantly, he taught them to work as a team to produce a real product. I also want to extend my thanks to Gregg Neilson, who took over the management duties for more than 30 years until he retired. Today, June Fox, Jon McDaniel, and the teachers and staff of C895 lead the station and continue the tradition of providing students with a unique, real-world learning environment.

To have a program like C895 thrive for over 50 years is a testament to the dedication of the staff, volunteers, alumni, and donors who all work tirelessly to keep this program going strong, and it is evidence of Seattle Public Schools’ commitment to maintain this program as a real-world learning laboratory. C895 serves as an example of how public schools are working to ensure that students graduate with 21st century skills.

Congratulations to C895 Public Radio, Seattle’s home for Dance. Please accept my best wishes for continued success in the years ahead.

Very truly yours,

Jay Inslee

Bruce Wirth

I'm the membership director at C89.5 where I get to talk with listeners who love dance music so much they want to support what we do! Not a bad job ;)
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