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This is Entertainment Media Interviews, where our host, DJ Wrath, Interviews influential people in podcasts, Youtube, and other various media forms. This time on Entertainment Media Interviews, your host Dj Wrath is interviewing a Youtuber and TikToker with over 8.4 Million subscribers, as well as a host of many podcasts under the genre of Strange, Dark, and mysterious; MrBallen. John Allen, who goes by the online title of MrBallen, is the creator and host of his YouTube channel where he tells dark and scary stories that align with one thing; The more real they are, the better. In today’s highlights, Dj Wrath will ask MrBallen questions about his job, like what does he do to find stories, what his favorite stories are, and other questions about his business and himself. You may even learn a thing or two about being a youtuber, creating stories, and the strange, dark, and mysterious yourself! You can find his YouTube channel at Youtube.com/@mrballen, and his podcasts available Amazon music. For more information, his website is at ballenstudios.com.  

As a trigger warning, this podcast mentions a story involving bodies missing heads. Just a heads up for listeners who might be afraid of the strange, dark, and mysterious. Just skip through the question about what MrBallen’s favorite story is. 

Cade Rice

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