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On C-Trends Sean O’Daniel will be discussing what it’s like to make and record music as a smaller artist. How is it different, what are the struggles and benefits. Why do many indie projects have a distinctive “sound” to them? The main reason is many independent bands don’t hire a sound engineer and often don’t even record in a studio at all, this is called a home recording. Often these albums are called ‘Demos’ but this only applies to projects meant to showcase music and not meant to be commercially released. The list of bands who have recorded albums like this is vast, but some notable examples are Bruce Springsteen and The Rolling Stones.

But how do you even get to the point where you can even record an album? Somewhat ironically in the internet era the most common way for a band to gain a following is by playing live shows. The internet is useful for distributing music but often is not particularly useful in popularizing that music as the sheer saturation of music makes it difficult to stand out among the crowd. If a band manages to gain traction, they often start to try to get signed to a label by sending them the demos. Now it is important to note the phrase “indie” doesn’t mean eschewing all record labels but means avoiding large ones.

All of this and more with Sean O’Daniel on C-Trends!


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