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There’s a lot of words you could use to describe the punk scene, Loud, Raucous, Crazy, and the Seattle scene fits that description to a tee. Although the history of the Seattle scene can be a little convoluted and murky With the information and accounts we do have. It shows a vibrant and thriving scene that continues to this day.

Here on the punk-cast we dive into the bands, venues, records and experiences that define the scene. In this episode Co-Hosts Ceci and Shannen dive headlong into the early bands such as soldier, the first recorded hardcore band in Seattle, Mr. Epp And The Calculations, and many more who provided the foundations for the scene as we know it today. After this we also talk about the later bands that came to define the lo-fi garage punk style of Seattle like the U-Men and Green River. Finally we take a dive into the venues that make all of this fun possible legendary institutions like the Crocodile Cafe, Neumos and the Showbox. As well as new and upcoming venues pushing the scene to new heights.

Whether you’ve been around the scene for decades or are just getting into Seattle’s Hardcore sounds, we have got the Podcast for you!

Cade Rice

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