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Upper white text "C895 C-Trends Presents". Black middle text "Theatre Things: A Deep Dive Into the Life of a High School Teacher and Play Director". White bottom text "Episode 1: Directing Featuring Ms. Audrey Delaney Hannah". On top of theater curtain background with classic white theater masks.

Theatre Things is a podcast about all the different aspects of theatre and the people that help make it happen. Each episode highlights one specific part of theatre and dives deep into the purpose of that thing and the significance it has in relation to everyday life. It’s a super good way to learn more about theatre as a whole and how it all works.

For this first episode we dove into the intricacies of directing a theatre production specifically in school by interviewing Nathan Hale theatre director and drama teacher Ms. Audrey Delany Hannah. We discussed all the different aspects that go into a person’s job as director, the lifestyle of someone who directs shows, what opportunities there are within theatre, and what the process of a show looks like for a director. We talked about her experience on the theatre scene and how she ended up doing what she does today.

Regardless of whether you are a well-seasoned theatre nerd or have never been to a live performance before, this podcast has something for you to learn. And hey if you don’t end up learning anything, shoot us a DM, I’d love to discuss some more stuff about theatre with and maybe even interview you for a future episode. Hope you enjoy!


Cade Rice

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