On the Edge April 7, 2024 – Ringfinger, Night Club

The bands Night Club and Ringfinger

Presented by Cryoflesh, a Seattle-based cyberpunk clothing retailer – online at cryoflesh.com…

…and by listeners like YOU

We get it.  11pm to 2am is rough on a school night.  We gotchoo, boo.  Stream us on desktop/mobile, on iOS/Carplay and on Android/Auto and connect with us on  Facebook and Discord.



Sun Apr 7: Zuul Interviews Ringfinger

  1. Ringfinger – Familiar Placement
  2. Ringfinger – An Apparition
  3. Ringfinger – Chamber of Roses
  4. Charli XCX – Von dutch
  5. Funker Vogt – Death Seed (Ackermix)
  6. Human 80 – Der Mann Der Tötet (Original Mix)
  7. Sidewalks and Skeletons – Morphine [Album version]
  8. Dina Summer – Unter Strom
  9. Die Sexual – Lights Down Low
  10. Kontravoid – Awaken
  11. Rotoskop – After Midnight
  12. Trade Secrets – Someone Else’s Dream
  13. Post Analog Disorder – Silent Shout
  14. Zanias, Radondo – Lovelife (Radondo Remix)

Mon Apr 8 Hour ONE: Drew interviews Night Club

  1. Night Club – Crime Scene
  2. Night Club – Dear Enemy
  3. Night Club – Gone
  4. Night Club – Die In The Disco [HR Hack]
  5. Britney Spears – Toxic
  6. Kim Petras – XXX [Clean]
  7. PIG – Rock N Roll Refugee [Night Club Mix]
  8. PIG – No Yes More Less [Clean]
  9. Raymond Watts – Dominator

Mon Apr 8 Hour TWO: Paradigm Lost

  1. Yorismaki – Dystopia (Extended)
  2. Street Fever – Trust
  3. Draven – Encryption (feat. Tim M)
  4. Seven Whores of the Apocalypse – Skinned Alive
  5. Rotersand – 16 Devils (Against Insanity)
  6. Flout – Coming to Find You
  7. Negant – Panzer (Clubbed to Death Remaster)
  8. Vaein – Give up Get off (Club Mix)
  9. Treasure – Devils (Combichrist vs. Icon of Coil Remix)
  10. Carbon Decay – A Dangerous Woman
  11. Spankthenun – Dominate (Emperor Remix)
  12. Rouge – Doomed


DJ Zuul

"We're gentle people in a vicious world. We have to take care of each other." - Matthew Setzer

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