LX Class of 2019: Meet Holographic Halos, Part 1!

As we launch the 2019 class of C895 Live Exclusives we want to introduce you to all of the incredible featured artists! First up, we had a chance to chat with Len X, K/7, Android and Holly Halos of the hybrid big room dubstep group Holographic Halos!

Thanks so much for sitting down with us before your performance! Can you describe yourself as a group?

We are a multi-genre group featuring everything from Big room to Dubstep and Electro House. Like a retro celestial soundscape of EDM and synthetic pop.

What is one thing the listeners of C895 should know about you/your group?


What is your favorite thing about performing in Seattle?

Well, Seattle is our home. So the nice thing about playing here is that we get to play for a lot of our friends and family that you don’t necessarily see when you’re on the road so its a good coming home party. however, I am speaking from prior experience because this project has not played a show outside Seattle so we will get to that soon.

What is your favorite thing about performing live?
Live music is to me, still the one place you truly connect with your fans and create new ones. With all the connectivity via social media and online, we have a tendency to constantly be glued to our phones, sharing photos, sharing tweets, sharing videos, or sharing our dinner lol. But, as an artist or as a fan, the one time you truly share is when you’re able to be in the same event share the same night, the same music and the same experience and a single moment in time together. As a fan of dance music, those moments are one of the biggest reasons I love it so much.
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We’ll have part two of our interview with Holographic Halos coming soon!  They discuss the tracks performed as a part of #C895LiveExclusives, future plans and more! And of course listen on air for their tracks “Moonbeam Madness” and “Phsychotoxic Love” plus follow C895 on FB for a video performance of those tracks!
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