Guest Mix Seattle 2023 Rewind: DJ Longstocking

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As we near the end of 2023 Guest Mix Seattle is rewinding to take a look at our favorite mixes and interviews of the year! Catch a replay of the mix this Sunday night and make sure to listen to the interview with this weeks featured rewind on Spotify, Amazon Music or right here! Don’t forget to follow, rate and review the podcast wherever you listen.

On this episode, C895 Music Director and Assistant Program Director Harmony Soleil, sits down with Longstocking!

Denni Longstocking Kindred is part of growing West Coast current back to the BIPOC/ Queer/ Gender Queer roots of US dance music.

Unhappy with seeing how far how dance music had veered from its cultural roots, Longstocking decided to be part of the effort to change that. While it’s been a challenge rising as a Transfemme/ Non-Binary artist, her releases speak for themselves and she gravitates toward allied labels. Every release from them has garnered a top five position in the Beatport Top 100 Chart Releases, including three #1s. After culling wins for other label trophy cases, she decided to make a platform for herself and other likeminded dance producers by launching Feral One Records. Continuing this chart success tradition, Feral One Records is now regular at the top of the Beatport Charts along with Longstocking.

On this episode Harmony and Longstocking chat about the importance of dance…in dance music, unlocking core memories, as well as the beauty and struggles within the Seattle scene.

Catch a replay of Longstocking in the mix Sunday, December 10th, 2023.

Harmony Soleil

She's fabulous! Harmony Soleil is an on-air personality, interviewer, voice-over artist and DJ on C89.5FM. You can follow her on Twitter and like her Friday night radio show on Facebook. Thanks for listening!

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