On the Edge February 25, 2024 – w/Zanias

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Sun Feb 18 Hour ONE: DJ Zuul interviews Alison from Zanias

  1. Zanias – Simulation (excerpt)
  2. Alison Interview pt. 1
  3. Zanias – Earthborn
  4. Alison Interview Pt. 2
  5. Zanias – Duneskipper
  6. Alison Interview Pt. 3
  7. Clams Casino – I’m God
  8. Alison Interview Pt. 4
  9. Korine – Deicide (Zanias & Neu-Romancer Remix)
  10. NNHMN – Magic Man
  11. Lushen Tides – Auburn Rain
  12. Deserta – Lost In The Weight
  13. Bel Canto – Grass Mint Crisp
  14. Cocteau Twins – Fluffy Tufts
  15. Astronaut Ape – Digital Nomad
  16. Minuit Machine – Sisters

Monday Feb 19 Hour ONE: DJ Paradigm Lost

  1. Leathers – Crash
  2. A Spell Inside – Celebrate the Past
  3. BlackLight – Mercy. Lies. Poison. Stain.
  4. S Y Z Y G Y X -Your Sex Is An Accelerant
  5. Silverwalks – Tear Me Down (Dogtablet Locked-on Mix)
  6. Damien Hearse – Meat III
  7. Circuit Preacher – Down Hear
  8. Resistor – Combustion
  9. Die Architekt – Aenaa
  10. Die Sexual – Need To Sin
  11. Melt Motif – I Wanna Be Your Dog (Iggy Pop and the Stooges cover)
  12. Sensuous Enemy – Soar (Moris Blak Remix)
  13. Flout – Raised on Ruins
  14. Chelsea Wolfe – Dusk

Mon Feb 19 Hour TWO: DJ RockettQween plays new music for once, don’t be scared

  1. Darkness is a Friend – Black Nail Cabaret
  2. Party In the Blitz – Pet Shop Boys
  3. Devils (Combichrist vs. Icon of Coil remix) – TREASVRE
  4. Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) – HEALTH
  5. The Feminine Urge – The Last Dinner Party
  6. House of Self- Undoing – Chelsea Wolfe
  7. Get High – SINE, Laether Strip
  8. Оставайся со мной – Ploho
  9. Dancing on Water Lillies – Connecting Dots
  10. Girl With No Face – Allie X
  11. The Desert – I Monster
  12. Airhead – KMFDM
  13. The Point of Living – Gioli & Assia
  14. Little Leaks of Anger – Raven Black
  15. Lost at Sea ANNA Remix – Rob Grant, Lana del Rey, ANNA


DJ Zuul

"We're gentle people in a vicious world. We have to take care of each other." - Matthew Setzer

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