On the Edge Mar 17, 2024 – w/Brittany Bindrim

The musical artist Brittany Bindrim

Presented by Cryoflesh, a Seattle-based cyberpunk clothing retailer – online at cryoflesh.com…

…and by listeners like YOU

We get it.  11pm to 2am is rough on a school night.  We gotchoo, boo.  Stream us on desktop/mobile, on iOS/Carplay and on Android/Auto and connect with us on  Facebook and Discord.



Sun Mar 17: Zuul interviews Brittany Bindrim

  1. I:Scintilla – Swimmers Can Drown (Excerpt)
  2. Brittany Bindrim – Volcano
  3. Brittany Bindrim – Hearsay
  4. Brittany Bindrim – One Fixed Point
  6. [:SITD:] – Brieselang
  7. Third Realm – Self Destruction 2.0
  8. Die Sexual – Need To Sin
  9. Rotoskop – After Midnight
  10. Funker Vogt – A Hundred Ways To Die
  11. Catharsis – Enter Chod (Original Mix)
  12. The Drood – Flags

Mon Mar 18 Hour ONE: DJ Drew

  1. Afrika Bambaata f Gary Numan – Metal
  2. Rotersand – Don’t Know
  3. Night Club – Die In The Disco [HR Hack]
  4. Die Sexual – Tremble For Me [HR Hack]
  5. Wynardtage – Crash Of A Star [Ginger Snap5 DJD Edit]
  6. Eisenfunk – Pong [DJD Edit]
  7. Knife Party – Internet Friends [Revolvr Bootleg DJD Edit]
  8. F*** Off – I Give You Bass [DJD Base Edit]
  9. ESA – Come And Find Me [DJD Edit]
  10. MARUV – Candy Shop
  11. MXMS – Gravedigger [Clean]
  12. Grimes – 4ÆM
  13. Florence + The Machine – Cruella De Vil
  14. REZZ x fknsyd – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
  15. Visage – Fade To Grey

Mon Mar 18 Hour TWO: DJ Rocket Qween: There Are No Words

  1. Cyanotic – Altered States of Consciousness
  2. Geomatic – Back from the Dark
  3. Front Line Assembly, ULTRA SUNN – Mechvirus – Instrumental remix
  4. Vogel – Imperivm
  5. Tchkung! – Nomadology
  6. Depeche Mode – Pimpf – 2006 Remaster
  7. Rob Dougan – Clubbed to Death – Kurayamino Variation
  8. Chromatics – Shadow (Instrumental)
  9. Stendek – Catch the Midnight Girl
  10. Johnny Jewel – Windswept
  11. Angelo Badalamenti – The Pink Room
  12. Nine Inch Nails- A Warm Place


DJ Zuul

"We're gentle people in a vicious world. We have to take care of each other." - Matthew Setzer

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