Seattle's Hottest Music!

4:06am Secondcity - I Wanna Feel Buy from iTunes Buy from Amazon Buy from Beatport Buy from Google Play Music
4:02am Lana Del Rey - West Coast (ZHU Remix) Soundcloud
3:59am Deorro - Five Hours Buy from iTunes Buy from Amazon Buy from Beatport Buy from Google Play Music
3:55am Enur F/ Natasja - Calabria 2008 (Radio Edit) Buy from iTunes
3:52am Oliver $ and Jimi Jules - Pushing On Buy from iTunes Buy from Amazon Buy from Beatport Buy from Google Play Music
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On your dial at 89.5 FM or online at c895.org, C89.5 plays Seattle's Hottest Music, always first, always fresh! C89.5 is a listener-supported radio station run by students at Nathan Hale High School in Seattle.

C89.5's Club & Concert Connection

Day / DateEventVenueNotes
Mon, 1 September 2014BumbershootSeattle CenterINFO
Wed, 10 September 2014Feed MeParamount TheatreINFO (16+)
Sat, 13 September 2014Night MarketChinatown International DistrictINFO
Fri, 19 September 2014La RouxThe ShowboxINFO
Sat, 20 September 2014Dada Life: Dada Land Compound SeattleWaMu TheatreINFO (18+)
Sat, 11 October 2014Boys Noize & BaauerShowbox SoDoINFO (18+)
Sun, 26 October 2014Chromeo with Wave RunnerShowbox SodoINFO
Fri, 31 October 2014Freaknight Part 1 ft. Kaskade & more!WaMu TheatreINFO (18+)
Sat, 1 November 2014Freaknight Part 2 ft. Tiesto & more!WaMu TheatreINFO (18+)
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City-wide Bass Ban Proposed: Officials say low frequencies are cracking our roadways

Better turn off that bass– Council members proposed an ordinance Thursday to prohibit the use of bass frequencies within the city limits. The council says low requencies are creating cracks in the roadways.

Work crews have been busy repairing joints and cracks thoughout the city, which has become a maze of orange construction barrels.

Bass typically describes tones of a low frequency range. But enforcement may seem difficult at first. The council says it’s unlikely that the average resident with average means can be reasonably expected to carry around a device that will measure these frequencies and their intensity. Instead, the council is proposing a standard that any layperson can implement.

A spokesperson said, “Nine out of 10 times, bass is used as a ‘counterpoint’ or ‘counter melody’ in a musical composition. It’s much easier for us to prohibit any use of harmony and only permit melodies. Many residents will find compliance to be easier on the purse than originally thought”.

The new rule would make it illegal to listen to electronic music that was more than a simple synth line.

By Richard J. Dalton

Enumclaw EDM

Enumclaw Named #1 EDM Destination in US

Vegas falls to #2; Miami plummets to #3623

By Richard J. Dalton

Garrix Smooth Jazz

Martin Garrix releases Smooth Jazz Single

Release will also be titled “Animals”

By Richard J. Dalton

140605 - Safari


Come join our expedition and spy on C89.5 party-goers in their natural habitat. Featuring Team Heartbreak??

By Richard J. Dalton