LX Class of 2019: Meet Fluencie!

As we launch the 2019 class of C895 Live Exclusives we want to introduce you to all of the incredible featured artists! We had a chance to check in with Fluencie, who came back into the performance studio and brought Daym and Nat with him for an incredible performance!

Thanks so much for sitting down with us before your performance! Can you describe yourself as a group?

Some random dude who likes to make music by himself and with other people

What is one thing the listeners of C895 should know about you/your group?

I love making people feel alive through music.

What is your favorite thing about performing in Seattle?

New faces at every show!

What is your favorite thing about performing live?
The crowd!
Who are your musical influences?
Guard Down, well I think the title is pretty self explanatory, life is stressful but sometimes you just gotta let loose. Just Like You is written from the perspective of someone who has a friend that is feeling sad alone, etc. and they can relate.
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We’ll have part two of our interview with Fluencie coming soon!  They discuss the tracks performed as a part of #C895LiveExclusives, future plans and more! And of course listen on air for their tracks “Guard Down” and “Just Like You” plus follow C895 on FB for a video performance of those tracks!

Harmony Soleil

She's fabulous! Harmony Soleil is an on-air personality, interviewer, voice-over artist and DJ on C89.5FM. You can follow her on Twitter and like her Friday night radio show on Facebook. Thanks for listening!

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