Videotape, playlists and Cafe Chill

We know that it’s a challenge to wait by your radio every week to press the ‘record’ and ‘play’ buttons on your cassette recorder at the beginning of Cafe Chill. Plus, most modern cassette tapes are only 30 minutes per side, which makes for that awkward flipping of the tape at the 30-minute mark. We have a new solution for you:

Record Cafe Chill to videotape! Use the ‘aux-out’ jacks from your AM/FM boombox, and run a cable to the ‘aux-in’ jacks on your VCR. Plus, you can use your timer, and record up to 2 hours on SP speed, and 6 hours on EP speed.

When you listen back, plug the audio-out of the VCR directly into your Hi-Fi stereo (don’t worry about the video or tuning your TV to channel 3 or 4). With technology quickly evolving, we’re right there with you, and we feel this solution will work for you in the long term.

On this week’s episode, we’re featuring music from Cosmic Quest & Smokestacks with Virginia Palms, Bad Snacks, Yumi And The Weather and more. Check us out on your local public radio station, C89.5, or …

6AM Hour

IOM – You Promised to Come Back
Afterlyte – China Shop
Frythm – Something New
TOR – Days Gone
Imagined Herbal Flows – Departure
Caleb Belkin – Waves
Justin Hartinger – Together (Dream Journal Remix)
Giraffage – Green Tea (feat. Angelica Bess)
Autograf – Slow Burn
2X2A – Vague
Manatee Commune – What We’ve Got (feat. Flint Eastwood)
Flybear – Hollowed
Shallou – Begin (feat. Wales)
Tycho – Horizon
Home – Resonance

7AM Hour

Garden City Movement – Move On (Teen Daze Remix)
Kudasaibeats – Sapphire
Giraffage – All That Matters
Brock Berrigan – Curtain Call
Thrupence – Don’t You Mind
Beta Betamax – New Saturday
Shigeto – Children At Midnight
Frythm – Something New
Zola Blood – Meridian (Applescal Remix)
Audiobot – Remember
Shark Anthony – Moonflower
Ellio – Coffee
Washed Out – Hard To Say Goodbye (Lone Remix)
Giraffage – Maybes (feat. Japanese Breakfast)

8AM Hour

SwuM – Fuji.
Cosmic Quest & Smokestacks – Misuse (ft. Virginia Palms)
Native – Youth
Manatee Commune – What We’ve Got (feat. Flint Eastwood)
Alaskan Tapes – Memoirs (feat. Nori)
il:lo – Vega
Bad Snacks – Homecoming
Marley Carroll – After Ours
Tycho – A Walk (Kolombo Remix)
Yumi And The Weather – Well Aware
Washed Out – Don’t Give Up
Ventla – daini denden
Giraffage – Maybes (feat. Japanese Breakfast) (RAC Mix)
Teen Daze – Perfect Day For a Swim

9AM Hour

Teen Daze – Spring
Cloudchord & HM Surf – 5 Nice Days in a Row
Jay Cliffen & LaFlamme – Nite Tide
Ikotu – Clockwork
Ark Patrol – The Betrayal of Lyla
High Tides – Summer Reflections
Jack Wilbs – Water
Eagle Eyed Tiger – Parallel
Hotel Pools – Daze
Teen Daze – Endless Light
Drohves – A Clearing
Sundrenched – Overexposed Suburban Sunset
100 Day Delay – Manual Breathing

Richard J Dalton from Cafe Chill and DAF

I work behind-the-scenes on Café Chill. I like to make friends with crows.

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