Cafe Chill: On Demand & Playlist

ICYMI, the latest episode of Cafe Chill includes tracks from Southpaw, Bad Snacks, Emancipator, Kasseo and more.

While the new C89.5 On Demand player is being finished up, you can re-listen to the 8AM hour of Cafe Chill.

Playlist from 30 August 2020

6AM Playlist

Slow Magic – Toddler Tiger
Arms and Sleepers – Hurry Slowly (Manatee Commune Remix)
Pines – Calling You
Medasin – Daydream (feat. Joba)
Paternoster Poetry – Paternoster Elevator 1
Polygrim – Ever so Slightly
Shigeto – Silver Lining
Flamingosis – Airplane Mode
Birocratic – At Most
IG88 – Waving Goodbye
Sitkah – Honey
Emancipator – Pancakes
Aurescence – Mystic Escape
Wing Vilma – Cherry Granola
EeMu – Body
Mt. Marcy & Rhoda – …and then my knees came through my chest

7AM Playlist

Shadley Peterson – Seaside
Sundrenched – Flyby
Dwai – I’ve Got You
Vanilla – Dreamcatcher
ITO – The Cliff
Memorex Memories – Summers Lullaby
Mvnners – Soft Drive
Hello Meteor – Deathless
il:lo – Biome
Imagined Herbal Flows – Beyond the Sun
Floating Forest – Midnight Bloom
Imagined Herbal Flows – Ocean Tides
Catching Flies – Komorebi
Ethan Wilson – Peripheral Drift
Swimming TV – Drips
Gold Panda – Transactional Relationship

8AM Playlist

Southpaw – Komorebi
Bad Snacks – Oh, Shoot.
früit – Prism
Idealism – Transported
Eater – Schoolyard
Buddy Love – Boy Blue
Monster Rally – Moonlight Ballroom
Emancipator – Currents
Tycho – Coastal Brake
Kasseo – Almanac
Imagined Herbal Flows – Beyond the Sun
Leon Vynehall – Movements (Chapter III)
Shigeto – Look At All the Smiling Faces

9AM Playlist

Tenda Senda – Warmed By the Sun
Elobrian Sunrise – A Peaceful Place Where Animals Gather
Southpaw – See With Fresh Eyes
Melorman – Eliquis
Emancipator – Himalayan
Broke For Free – Juparo
Blackbird Belle – Runnin’ Like Clockwork (Extended Mix)
wowflower – Someone Else
Past Palms – Midnight Sun
Bitykradne – Downtown
Philip Budny – Belfast
Gold Panda – Pink and Green
Stev – Climbing a Mountain With Your Best Friend
Catching Flies – Mama’s Wisdom

Richard J Dalton from Café Chill

I work behind-the-scenes on Café Chill. My social circle consists almost exclusively of crows.


  • Here is my upcoming playlist, but before I bring it to you, I want to say that our on-demand player is back! You can now check out multiple shows, updates, Music festivals and lots more! For music festivals, you can go to the on-demand player, and See what it is about! You can now check out multiple old show episodes, even ones that they made when hasn’t even born!

    Now to the playlist:


    (This playlist is currently unavailable due to technology issues. But comment below if you have a guess of today’s 6AM Playlist!)


    Fallen Roses & B dom – Yours and Nobody Elses’s
    Florida Skyline – Nate’s Hair
    Custodian – Her
    Bad Snacks – À Bientôt (ft. Lynette Williams)
    il:lo – Reine (feat. Brain Blake)
    The Faded – Uncertainties
    Beta Betamax – New Saturday
    Chrome Sparks – Wings
    Ark Patrol – That Dark Abyss
    Handycat – White Lodge
    Shatter Hands – Singlespeed
    Mvnners – Crush
    Packed Rich – Crane
    Moshun – Strawberry Cheesecake
    Monster Rally – Moonlight Ballroom
    Lifeformed – Cider Time
    Blackbird Blackbird & AViDD – Bodies
    Ambassadeurs – Come a Little Closer
    Cln – Satisfy (feat. Lou Millar)
    Florida Skyline – U Made Me Forget


    Tokari – komorebi
    früit – Prism
    Imagimoon – Komorebi
    Tomato Sauce – Blink Boys
    Syboria – Rockets
    Monster Rally – Moonlight Ballroom
    Wing Vilma – Waterman
    Tycho – Coastal Break
    Pines – Falling You
    Ethan Wilson – Peripheral Drift
    Hello Meteor – Charcoal And Ash
    Shigeto – Look At All The Smiling Faces
    Giggy Jindal – Stress


    Tasha Reign – Below The Shadow Waters
    Imagimoon – Imagination
    Stèv – Achtabahn Skyline
    Hello Meteor – The Clear Cream (ft. ZeFire)
    Packed Rich – Crane
    Tasha Reign – Signs That Say My Name
    The World H – Please Don’t Do That
    Packed Rich – Hawk
    Oatmello – Sun Range
    Manatee Commune – What We’ve Got (feat. Flint Eastwood)
    Nari – Lonely
    Tokari – Plant an Old Seeds

    Are you excited about the new on-demand player?

    Yes! I like the new one! 66%

    No, I like the old one better. 33%

    • Plus, here is a couple of my older playlists:

      Cafe Chill (Episode 2019-51)

      Nancy – Breakdown
      früit – Jaded
      Tokari – Ambassa
      s. lyre – Air
      Eagle Eyed Tiger – Frontier
      Memorex Memories – Watching Gameshows
      Orlando – Pulse Breathing
      Fujiii – Smile
      Florida Skyline – Good Like You
      Tylun – Break Up In
      Emancipator – Heaven
      Sun Glitters – Everything Could Be Fine
      Orlando – See Me

      Cafe Chill (Episode 2019-52)

      Knowmadic – Treating Ladder
      100 – 1
      Ocean County Mall – New York Mornings
      Third Person Lurkin – Tunnel Bliss
      Fourlore – Esau
      Fujiii – Astray
      Florida Skyline – Blueberry
      Dreams West – Tribes
      IHF – Departure
      Illuvia – Summer Cloud
      Manatee Commune – White Smoke (ft. Marina Price)
      Frameworks – The Dark
      Freud – Faux Pas

      Cafe Chill (Episode 2020-01)

      Bad Snacks – Homecoming
      100 – 1
      Pacific Couliseum – Wave Catalyst (High Tide)
      Fujiii – Cartridge Unit
      London Syndrome – Roads
      Frameworks – Break Down
      Sentamentalist – Komorebi
      Sappheiros – Distant
      Tylun – Golden
      Microfunk Crew – Bikini Bottom
      Monster Rally – Antiques
      Senoy. – Worlds
      O.L.I.E. – I’m June

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