On the Edge Playlist: 08.27.23

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Zuul’s Normie Number is Swedish and Knife-adjacent

Sun August 27 Hour ONE: DJ Zuul (the new Onuka)

  2. GUNSHIP – Tech Noir
  3. Omnimar – Feels Like Velvet
  4. VEiLLA – Push The Pedal (album version)
  5. Fever Ray – Shiver
  6. Cremation Lily – Wavering Blood
  7. VEiLLA – I Had A Dream
  8. Go_A – Rusalochki
  9. U-Recken – Song Of Seraphim (Original Mix)
  10. Hocico – Shut Me down!
  11. Abu Nein – Moth in Pieces
  12. Stahlnebel & Black Selket – Depersonalize (Remix Skinjob)
  13. Skinny Puppy – First Aid
  14. Rayne Reznor – Stone in the Flames

Mon August 28 Hour ONE: DJ Drew

  1. Leaether Strip – Living On Video
  2. Night Club – Die In The Disco
  3. Boy Harsher f BOAN – Machine
  4. Solar Fake – This Pretty Life [Iris Mix]
  5. Priest – Vaudeville
  6. Lazerpunk – Heavy Weapon
  7. Hatari – Spillingardans [ESA Mix]
  8. ESA – Come And Find Me [DJD Edit]
  9. GosT – Behemoth [Perturbator Mix]
  10. MXMS – Gravedigger
  11. MARUV – Candy Shop
  12. XP8 – Cuttin’ N Drinkin’ [Grendel Mix]
  13. Rotersand f Evendorff – Grey [Rework]
  14. REZZ x fknsyd – Sweet Dreams [Visualizer]

Mon August 28 Hour TWO: Guest DJ Paradigm Lost

  1. Matte Blvck – Midnight & Angel (Moris Black Remix)
  2. Patriarchy – Suffer (Kontravoid Remix)
  3. Eva X – Control ( Tragic Impuls Remix)
  4. Visceral Anatomy – LA Psychic
  5. Bodyheat – L
  6. Yuzna – She-H
  7. Echoberyl – Fading Away – (Alternative Reality Remix)
  8. Vandal Moon – Satellite
  9. XP8 – Download Me (DJ Geoff Lee Remix)
  10. Dread Risks – Trace Amounts
  11. Jason Alacrity – \Witchhunt (Blackout Version)
  12. Machinegeist – Holoith (Amp Version)
  13. Ministry – White Trash
  14. Amelia Arsenic – Oxytocin


Gustave Dore, from The War In Heaven (for Paradise Lost, 1885)

DJ Zuul

"We're gentle people in a vicious world. We have to take care of each other." - Matthew Setzer

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